Will we get "instakill follower" before the follower limit is implemented?

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I think I heard someone from Funcom mention this briefly in a stream not long ago - but I’m not sure.

Does anyone know - for sure - whether we will get the “instakill” ability on our followers before the limit is implemented?
It would save many of players A LOT of time.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

If I understand you question correctly…
Funcom will provide a buffer time to allow the player to remove unwanted thralls before the cap is placed into service.

Prior to the cap being implemented, a player can remove the unwanted thralls individually after the next update which is schedule for December 5th.


The option to kill your placed guard/pet is currently on TestLive and will go live with the thrall system. The limiter is a server setting which is turned off atm on TestLive. As per the FAQ thread, there will be a grace period after the new thrall system goes live before the limiter is activated. I am fairly certain that Funcom will make sure to broadcast the date of the massacre before pulling the trigger.

The “Break Bond” feature is currently on Testlive, so it’ll probably become a permanent feature in the game. They haven’t told us exactly how long it’ll be after this update is released that the thrall limit will hit the fan, but I assume it’ll be several days at least.


Thanks for the replies, guys!

I’d rather have an option to set thralls free, rather than kill them. After you set a thrall free, you’ll see him just walk off into the distance. Definitely needs an “ARE YOU SURE?” dialog when you use it, though…

When I released a horse, I did get an notice asking if I was sure.

Did they say how long the grace period is?

Not that I recall. There was some numbers tossed around but nothing concrete.

Awesome :confused:

Q&A second in this official post.

When does the system start removing thralls?
•The length of such a grace period hasn’t been decided yet, but we will announce this once we’ve decided.

There will be an announcement when it is decided on how long. When the update happens, the grace period will be active so you can start getting rid of the thralls you don’t want.

Thanks for the link. The patch hits on Thursday, so I assume thrallapocalypse and the grace period starts then? Doesn’t leave much room for a ‘grace period length’ announcement of when this gets rolled out in 1.5 days. For example, do I only have the weekend and do I need to drop plans to manage this effectively? For whatever reason, I see this as being entirely a possibility, especially if they want those mounts being used or w/e and not destroying the servers.

On one of Firesparks videos it says “dismiss” tight on the radial menu

I am thinking Funcom will allows us a couple weeks. I am hoping, anyway as I don’t always have time to play.

Yeah, same, but not providing an official straight answer this deep into a planned patch release is worrisome for me. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I log in Thursday and see that the announcement is just a pop up window saying the the grace period is 24 hours. They’ve buried this news deep in the patch notes and pretty much ignored concerns regarding things like under mesh thralls, which is a huge issue with this new system. It’s obviously not a concern for them and they obviously don’t want to discuss this change at all.

Okay I’ll stop complaining. Thanks for all your replies back and helpful info.

Well it doesn’t kill them, they just disappear. All they were carrying drops in a lootbag at their feet though. I suppose one can headcanon them walking off into the sunset if so desired.

There is one!

What will happen is when the patch hits, everyone will log on in the same time to try and kill their thralls. Let’s see how the servers will handle that and let’s hope the “Grace period” (thank you, Funcom overlords, we aren’t worthy of thou) will be long enough :wink:

Is there any counter to let us know how many thralls are in a clan? Having several seldom seen clan members would be nice to no your not over limit. Don’t want to lose a newly trained thrall.

Not yet. One is reportedly in the works, but when it’ll come is anyone’s guess.


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My guess is that it will come right at the end of the grace period.

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