Number of thrall limits

One request before any thralls are removed, please allow players to use the dismiss function that is being added. I have a bunch of thralls i want to go away from when I first started playing. I like many other players, I will be happy to see them go away.

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It’s a bit slow, but you can get rid of pets and thralls by making them stand next to palisades. You have to get the placement just right though.

They are implementing a “break bonds” on the radial menu to dismiss followers, so that should help.

That’s what they’re planning to do. It wasn’t clear in the official statement, but they later clarified it in a Facebook post or something.

We’ve confirmed in our latest devstream that there will be a period of grace before the patch launches and the cap is activated, letting you all a few days to adapt to the new limits on official servers.
Once again, single player and private server owners can opt out of this change.
To get a link to the devstream and continue any further discussions about this topic please head to the main thread dedicated to this matter: