December update: What will happen to existing thralls? Will we need to wipe servers

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With the upcoming patch in December, with the 100 follower limit, will all pre-patch followers be deleted? Will we need to do server wipes?

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Not al lthralls.
So far we have:

  1. there will be a yet to be set grace period to delete thralls/pets as you see fit to get down to the cap limit. The function of break bond will be active to do this. Loot bag will appear of any items you had on the thrall and thrall will just vanish.
  2. During this time any new thralls or ones that have not been-placed in the world (meaning you set them to guard) will be set up to level.
  3. if you do not clear your own thralls, starting after the grace period, 1 random thrall/pet will be deleted every 30 minutes (not stated whether the timer counts while you are offline) until you hit cap.
  4. They have not stated whether during the grace period thralls with the level function will actually level or not.
  5. Any legacy thralls you kept from pre-patch that were on stand guard will not level up.

this is all subject to change, as their is a live stream today that will hopefully clarify some dates and other things.


Not sure if I can be online for the stream, but might inquire if they can make the culling script delete legacy thralls ahead of low level thralls ahead of high level thralls.


Thank you kindly! Watching the stream now

Well, tried asking on-stream, but got no answer. Maybe we can get some further dialog with Funcom on here though…

@Ignasi Can you ask the devs to please tune the random culling script (for when we’re over-limit) delete legacy thralls ahead of low level thralls ahead of high level thralls? This would be a great peace-of-mind feature.

They could use the thrall pot for this, it already lists all proximity thralls.

Are you saying they could use the thrall pot, or you wish they would?

I’m pretty sure you have to be next to a thrall to delete it. They may add other ways in the future, but when this goes live, the only way will be to delete each thrall individually.

I personally don’t have a server I’ve played on for very long, so have no lost/glitched thralls, but that could be a problem for some.

haha, hope you are ready for this, i am also ready for the typical, : “apologies for the frustration” responses when people are unable to see where those lost thralls are ( including to those that can potentially be undermesh ) hahahahahaha…

and they claim they want to launch it in early december, care to see how many days/weeks this update is going to sit in testlive? i just cant imagine the mess it might bring, (Without proper testing of coursE)

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