When will the old thralls be deleted?

Hello Guys

It was said that the old thralls that were set up before the December update will gradually be deleted. But when does that happen?

Hey @Dejo707

We haven’t announced when the cap limit will be enabled yet. We’re first focusing on bringing fixes and stability into the game.
Once we have set a date, we’ll let you all know in advance with an announcement through all our usual communication channels.


Hey @Ignasi

Okay thank you for the information.

For the record, old thralls will not be deleted unless you have more thralls than the limit allows for. And if you do go over the limit, I don’t think there’s any guarantee that deleted thralls will be exclusively the old ones - might as well be that new, shiny level 20 Berserker you just finished leveling.

Guesswork, admittedly, but my point is that I don’t believe anything has been announced as to how the deletes will happen (once they do start happening) - and it’s safer to assume it’ll be random than to assume it’ll eat old thralls first.

Old thralls are so tough and stringy… who’d want to eat those?

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