"The Culling" of thralls in a certain order?

While searching for the right wording, I recognized that it may be inappropriate to put it in a funny way because of historical analogies: The value of a human being can never be compaired to that of another one.

That said, let´s talk about TWO OPTIONS for the “Day of the Thrall Limiter”:

Let´s say, the “The Amazing Spider Guild” has the max. amount of members and are allowed to have (the momentary max. of) 100 thralls / pets. They have 250 weak old thralls from before the levelling-update. Those are dispensable, but the way those are scattered around the several claustrophobic PVP-bases, nobody wants to delete the old thralls one by one.

On the other hand, if they wait for the automated random deletion system, some of the 75 new level 20 thralls in shiny armor might get deleted, too.

So please

  • Delete the old thralls first, and then thralls from after the levelling update or / and

  • Can we flag a number of thralls not to be deleted or be deleted the last possible???


The day of the follower change we deleted 60 odd thralls.
Just to make FUncom happy

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Do you still have old ones left?

2 weeks leading to the update we started deleting thralls. We deleted about 350 old thralls and pets in different bases. After the update we started getting new thralls and then deleted the remaining thralls.
We currently have around 100 thralls causr we started counting them out.

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We’ve been playing since the beginning. Many players have come and gone, their bases faint memories if remembered at all by those of us still here. I found about 20-30 thralls in the wilderness just yesterday that I had no idea existed (they no longer do). I know for a fact we have a hyena under the ground that we cannot possibly delete. We need a thrall pot that can see the WHOLE map and allow us to delete thralls remotely. We ruthlessly murdered every old thrall we could get to as soon as they new thralls came online. Barring thralls we don’t know about, we’ve been down to 100 for a while now. Please, I beg you, give us the means to kill off the thralls we want to kill off before random thrall death goes live!!!


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