Where are all the thralls?!?

So the story goes… Once upon a time, there was a large clan, and when they decided to leave and go to another server they left all they had to another smaller clan.
That clan grew into a great and powerful clan. Their reach spread far and wide through the map. Gigantic bases with armies of pets, as well as hidden outposts far off the beaten path with perhaps a thrall or two to stand guard. This great and powerful clan, like all things, eventually fell at a time of weakness, and once again all that the clan had was passed down to a new inheritor.
Times, they were good… Coffers full, pantries stocked, supply lines mastered, and the population booming. Then news came… News that soon not everyone would be welcome. News that soon those happy places once filled with life, would soon be empty… For the culling was upon them…

All dramatics and humor aside… Seriously I inherited stuff from maybe 5-6 generations of clans?? There are thralls in places that thralls should NEVER be… How am I supposed to get rid of them when I don’t know where they are or how many of them are out there so that they don’t count against my over all limit, without leaving and abandoning the clan and all of the buildings with it?
I’m sure there are plenty of others out there with a similar issue…
How do we make sure we don’t get stuck with “hidden” or unknown thralls that count against us after the limit change? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I have at least two thralls that have fallen deep into the foundations / ground somewhere. They still show up in the thrall pot, but they’re not there.

So that’s already 2 or 3 down for me


Ah, damn. I can just visualize what I’ll be doing during the grace period: running around the whole map with a thrall pot in my inventory, examining each spot to see if there are any thralls I missed. FML.


I signed in a minute ago to maybe start stripping some thralls, but it kind of depressed me and I just put my gear back in the chest and signed out. I’ve got hundreds across a large base, and because of just how I play these games, I don’t want to be without defenses even if the server is dead lmao.

So, I’m going to wait until a day or two before the patch launches and just strip everyone naked and put them into the lava one by one. It’s going to suck having those few extra thralls count against my limit, but I would have to demolish a substantial chunk of my base to only maybe find them.

For all I know they’ve sunk into the texture.


We need a counter, or tracker… A list we can access in the clan menu? Make it so we can dismiss them from the list? Something? Please…? lol


Dismissing them from a list would be pretty great. There’s already a mechanism in game to track the thralls, there must be a way to just shove that functionality into a menu.

A thrall list menu of some sort would certainly solve a lot of problems, as long as it gave some indication as to their location as well. Kinda pointless if you’re just presented with a list of fifty "Archer III"s or something and have no idea which one is which.

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Maybe it could be proximity based around you, just like the thrall pots. And in the corner somewhere it displays the total amount of thralls placed by your clan, or just you if you’re solo.

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Better than nothing, though ideally it would be presented in a way that allowed you to track down those thralls that got left out in the middle of nowhere because they were abandoned or they slipped under a foundation or something. Would kinda suck if after the limits get implemented you found yourself several thralls short because some of the ones who weren’t culled are, you know, somewhere.

They already stated, on their Dev Stream, that they will not be implementing anything like that for this update. So yeah, the update will hit, then the culling will be enabled, and then they might implement the thrall inventory UI later. Sucks to be us :wink:

As long as it gets implemented at some point soon after, I think it’s fine. As long as “soon” isn’t another case of “six months, a year, maybe sometime next millennium”. As I said in the other thread, you’re pretty much gonna want to replace them all eventually anyway, and that’s going to take some time.

At a minimum, I would love to see a UI list of all my thralls, that includes type/faction, level, grid square and a button to remotely dismiss. Unlike a lot of folks here, I’m a fan of the follower limit, but implementing it without also including a way to remotely manage thralls seems like a pretty big miss. This update is going to cause a lot of ill will on the part of the established player base, and sometimes it’s the little QOL features that can really help with that.


To be perfectly clear, I’m not adamantly against the follower cap. I am just trying to give feedback and establish discussion about some very real problems that the cap introduces. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Purge defense is one of my most important considerations. The thrall cap wouldn’t bother me that much if we had, for example, a way to quickly and easily redeploy our thralls. But we don’t have that, we don’t have an alliance system, we don’t have an AI that can help deal with attacks on multiple prongs, and the cap is just too low. Not to mention that the way cap formula deals with the clan size has a really toxic effect on PVE and PVE-C communities, where there are almost no incentives to clan up anyway, and now there’s a powerful disincentive.

So basically, all I’m trying to say is “throw me a bone, will ya?”


I mean at this point, I want to dismiss any and all existing thralls anyway… None of them can level and we all saw the potential (22k+ HP) in the Dev stream. A way to remotely just kill them all would be fantastic. The other details can come later. Perhaps just a complete and utter initial wipe of all “legacy thralls” in existence on all servers if nothing else. (Once we have all had a chance to get the gear off those we do know of.) That way we aren’t stuck with undesirable thralls we cannot track down.

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I’m curious about your base location and layout. I get the purge from up to three different origin points at my PvE base, but I’m able to handle that with a pretty small number of thralls because there are two really obvious “attack here” points for the purge to target.

Another QOL feature would be more information about the purge. In particular, can the purge path all the way to a targetable structure? It would also be nice to know what kind of purges a location can experience before I start building.

I took any important gear off and stored it… (I keep note pad near by…so kinda hit up all my camps)

So if any do… I’d only be mad ofr a few of good looking t2 or t3 going bye bye. Itlest no major gear will be lost.

I’ll get some screenshots later today and post them. Maybe it will also help some people stop judging me :wink:

To be fair, I haven’t had a purge at my main base for quite a while now, so I don’t know if I’ll have the same problems as before. That said, I had a particularly nasty problem when the Purge spawned enemies inside my base. Bear in mind, it’s in a perfectly accessible location, there are no unconnected parts or anything weird like that. I suspect it hits some weird, stupid edge case on the algorithm.

Maybe a solution Funcom could consider would be to add a favorite button on the new thrall pop up window to favorite those followers that you want to save from being randomly deleted when a clan goes over the limit. Also they could add a stat to the Clan panel that says something like “67/75” to let us know how many followers we have favorited out of our max number allowed.

Also I would like to know what happens if a clan member quits a clan. How would one protect that coveted level 20 Spinas the Marauder that was painstakingly leveled from being randomly deleted because the clan is now over the limit? Cause if the game just randomly chooses a follower to delete, there is a chance that you can loose them that I am sure won’t go over well with the player.

Another question, what happens if you level a follower to max level, join a clan, then leave the clan? Does the follower still follow you or is he considered property of the clan you just left?

Hopefully Funcom is working on solutions for these issues.


Alright, I posted some screenshots in the Share Your Shelter topic. I hope it’s easier to see why a two- or three-pronged Purge wave might be a problem. Also, it should be pretty clear that the base is not in an area that the Purge AI can’t access, so there should be no reason for any enemies to spawn in the courtyard.

I am personally very much looking forward to “the culling” and the leveling system BUT I would like to say my heart goes out to all you guys with sprawling empires. And in that regard I feel that Funcom should not roll out this change without such a counter. Just make the controversial change a bit easier to swallow.

Good luck to all with the beckoning doom of ai popullations.


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