New Follower Managment!

All I have to say is that I cannot believe how many thralls were actually stuck under the map. There were 5x the amount I was expecting; close to 20. I guess when my clan mates were active they never let me know that thralls went missing. Two thralls I were expecting to be in the volcano under the map were, in fact, dead. A frost giant that disappeared the day that kind of follower came out must have died as well. I’m not sure how, it was placed then it disappeared. I’m assuming fall damage.

A lot of unexpected thralls popped up. 6 x Vapnirs and two captains I had no idea even existed in the middle of no where.

It was a really interesting post mortem on the state of thralls with the new system.


Is there a way to sort the followers by class or level? I click on the column category but nothing changes the sort order.

I actually didn’t try to sort them; however, I did rename them all by role and unique name and had my own system before going into it. A majority of my thralls are at level 0. Any Thrall that had an original name or something like fighter III stuck out like as sore thumb in my list. I had an excel list of thrall by location and the map tracking feature seems very accurate.

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