Thralls "Following" but aren't there. Now missing entirely

Game mode: [ Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ America
Hardware: [ Series X ]

Bug Description:

*Follower follows while I am on a mount. Pause for combat, follower doesn’t follow anymore. Turn back and find follower just standing there. According to HUD and Follower Management list the follower is “following”. Continue on in hopes follower catches up. Follower does IF you engage in combat (Follower setting set to “Defend Me”). Returned to base and still no follower, though Management says it’s “following” Log back in today and the Follower is GONE. No longer in the management list, at all! *

Expected Behavior:

I expected the Follower to actually follow. I also expected NOT to LOSE THE FOLLOWER!

Steps to Reproduce:

Set follower to Defend Me and follow. Go into the world and engage in different gameplay. It will happen


They teleport back, randomly sometimes it seems like. Also can still issue commands to a thrall that is nowhere to be seen…and they slide(not walk by moving their feet) along the ground with their right arm askew. Wont use festering one axe at all. Prefer punching gorillas over swinging the axe. Blah, Blah, Blah. Same old broken record.

This one did not return. Gone, not even listed in the Follower Management. Higher tier weapons and armor gone. Just… Gone.

event log show anything? it should log any actual in-game reason if they died to something.

that said, this game disappears people (thralls) faster than N. Korean RGB. I lost one from a dungeon DC when i reconnected follower list said “returning home” but the thrall never showed up and the tracking icon never appeared on the map again. Rescue thrall also did nothing. He was still on the list though, unlike yours which was wiped from all existence apparently.

RIP to all the missing thralls eaten by the bad coding monster.

Same situation here,
Thrall gone just out from dungeon…
It showed him on the map for few sec at the bottom left corner… then gone

Xbox series X
My dragonbone armor and Lianeele!!!

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