Followers disappeared with no trace

Was anything said about followers disappearing?……’cause all my followers disappeared. They’re not even listed on the followers tab. Just poof gone.


Updated today. When I logged in and walked outside, all of my combat thralls and pets were gone, both from the world and the follower list. I play solo so nobody popped in and just killed them. Several had legendary weapons and all of that’s lost now.

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your reports. Can you please let us know the server number or game mode where you experienced this issue?

If on official server, please also share your character and clan name. As well as the location of the missing followers prior to the update.

Thank you in advance.

It was in single player mode.

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As was I.

I posted the exact same thing on the forums yesterday, but no one has answered my queries. All pets and followers (except crafting thralls) disappeared completely – in the whole Clan. This is on a private Xbox server with only 2-3 friends playing together at any time. The amount of time spent capturing and levelling up, and equipping those thralls is significant. I had been looking forward to checking out the new battle pass items, and doing some of the daily challenges to start that progression. But I’m not sure my heart is in it anymore – having lost so much.


Greetings Exiles,

You may disregard my last message in this thread. Our team is already working on a solution for the issue that led to this situation.

We appreciate your efforts and support!

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i would love to share my server info with you (though not on a public forum) tho i am having difficulty submiting a ticket as i get re-directed bassicly back to here every time. that said my thralls are also gone. would love a way to submit specific information on a non-public visible space :smiley:

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I had the same issue all my followers gone. Disable thrall decay in server settings helped for me. All my followers are back now.

Just a +1 that all my followers have been wiped out. Single player/private server.

I use Pippi and IQoL, and the Pippi heat map shows not a single thrall existing anywhere.

Will try above idea by turning off thrall decay in the .ini settings and reload my pre-update backup.

Hello @sirgankahad,

You can always DM us with the information if you don’t wish to share it in a public place :smile:

Hope this helps!

As far as I know, there’s no way to turn off thrall decay on Xbox singleplayer without entering the world, at which point your thralls are gone. Funcom folks do you know if the solution being worked on will restore our lost thralls in singleplayer?

And you can’t make a backup of your singleplayer/co-op game on XBox so i have not played a single second of Conan since the AoW-Update. On Xbox if it’s gone it’s gone.

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Any news for a solution for the solo player? All my thralls still missing.

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