Followers Disappearing During Normal Game Play

This has been happening since the Feb 11 patch. I turn around, and my thrall is MIA. He will only show up if I get attacked. It’s more an annoyance than a problem, except this morning I was gathering some things and was over encumbered. I had to hunt down a wolf to fight to get my bearer to show her face. It prevented me from gathering more stuff from an abandoned build.

I came here to literally report this! My frigging greater hyena Shenzi is usually like ahead of me cause she’s crazy and if it lives she attacks it but the past few days I’ll run into battle and she’s gone but will reappear like 5 minutes later and usually glitching in the ground/mountain/tree etc. Also been having a massive issue with my body going missing after I die. The marker is on the map but no body…I try all the methods others have posted to find myself but nothing. Lost alot of badass armor because of thos. NPCs have been doing this too. Today it’s the "if you stand on any stone type building you fall into another dimension " my floors needed an update anyways

They follow 40 feet behind you. If you walk in a straight line out doors they will pop back to you.
Some times when you port, they do not show up for a few minutes.

Hi @speedice and @Mummymayhem23 , is the issue with the follower occurring in the online or singleplayer client? Could you share the areas where your followers have had most trouble navigating in?

@Mummymayhem23 regarding other additional issues please open a separate topic for each if none is available.

I only play on official servers, and the section of map makes no difference. I can be in my base, or running across the open fields south of New Asagarth. I turn around, and they are not anywhere to be seen. There is no particular spot where they disappear.

They always show up when I get attacked. As I said, this really started after the Feb 11 patch.

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I lost 2 thralls in one day. First during server reset and second when I lost connection to the server. Both thralls never came back. I was running around with my thrall and got cut off from the server. When I logged back in they were nowhere to be found nor did they make it home. This is so stupid. I play online on private server and this has never happened to me since the first day I play Conan. Funcom tries to fix some things and breaks other million things. Good job! @Hugo

Were there any relevant messages in the Event Log?

Please share as many details as possible regarding this issue as it will help determine what happened to the thralls.

It’s might also be worth mentioning that we’re working on several improvements to thrall management in the upcoming patch, including a feature to retrieve lost thralls that might get stuck. You may read about these changes in the current testlive forums:

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