Thrall Vanishes when having other animals/thrall follow

Game mode: Online
Problem: thrall vanished
Region: United states

My thrall vapnir (following me) vanished when i told my wolf to follow me. Nothing in event log or anything. Just poofed in-front of my eyes. Literally.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.tell thrall to follow
2.tell animal to follow

(This bug causes your thrall to become invisible. He was physically still there but could not be interacted with or seen exiting game and joining back fixed the issue)

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You can only have one follower. telling Wolf to follow dismissed Vapnir.

Chances are Vapnir went back to the last place you told him to guard.

Yes, but the last place he was told to guard, is the exact point he was standing at.

How long has it been?
if he’s not back after a server restart, I would maybe DM @Ignasi or @Hugo.

Because I think this may be a new one.

So, ive edited my post above, it made his player model disappear but i could still bump into him and not interact with him. A restart of the game brought him back. Should i still report as bug?

you can, but I think it’s a known issue.

It’s up to you, Funcom does read these forums so the post will get someone’s attention.

Hello @xMrDemonicWolfx, welcome to the community!

We’ve registered the reported occurence for the team to look into, thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

@xMrDemonicWolfx were you able to reproduce the issue post session restart?

Do you recall in which location this happened, and if there were any player built structures beneath, or the equipment of the thrall?

I have the same issue with multiple thralls. Location and gear have no precedent on it. It happens to my friend Everytime he dies. His follower, no matter which thrall, animal, etc, disappears as soon as he dies or it stops following. The rest of my clan is dealing with repeatedly crashing, as I am as I type this message. Just trying to play this game, is a ridiculous chore. I can’t even get in the game atm. When are the game breaking bug fixes coming? Because when this game actually works, it’s very enjoyable. No new content til you fix these ridiculous garbage bugs. I’ve lost too much good gear to dying because I couldn’t even log on to the game. It’s insane.

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