Thralls disappearing while following

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: mitra

Lost 1 thrall around my base (not sure where, but within 30m of my southern base), and lost another going up and elevator heading north. Neither can be found, and I’d love to get them back after the time/resource investment.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place thrall
  2. Have them follow
  3. Poof
  4. Gone

Have the same issue. Have lost 3 thralls. After night restrat I got message in Events log - Invalid thrall

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When climbing or using the elevator you lose the grip to your thrall. BUT it shouldn’t vanish in the fine air. This happen to my friend and after a few minutes the thrall appeared walking back to his camp, he regained consciousness.

Mine was already in my service though, not being dragged. Do they go back to where their wheel of pain was? That’s a looooonnng haul if so.

I’ve lost several this way as well. In fact I turned around as I was running and watched one of my thralls slip between the foundations of my base.

I’ve never had a follower vanish, but I have seen them die in stupid ways. Such as teleporting into foundations or the terrain.

Oh, you where referring to the following thralls, that never happen to m! I even jumped out of a cliff, held my self 2 times before landing, and the dancer followed me with out any problem.

Yeah I wanted to bring some from my southern base up to my northern one. Glad I thought to not let the dummy hold anything important… has any dev even acknowledged this that you all know of? Lesson learned for now.

Nope not that I’ve seen.

Every time I Pick up a thrall, to move it to a new location, they fall through the world and poof gone. I have not lost 3 thralls this way. also i walked with a thrall to visit a friends base. I went up the stairs and my thrall walked into the foundation, never to be seen again. this needs to be fixed.

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This appears to be a terrain issue in multiple places in the world. It can be very costly (take it from me) to lose a great thrall or two on PVP, especially when they’re your 1000-HP bodyguard.

It is advised that you do not lead any thrall over ceiling tiles that may have questionable terrain beneath the foundations below. In other words, only park your thralls on level (flat-flat) terrain for now unless you know what you’re doing. I helped one of my friends on the server fashion a human vault so that she can lead her little dudettes to safety before logging.

Can confirm, happened already 2 times to me. Usually when walking longer distances, so different terrain.

Yea happenes to me alot, this is a major issue for me and my clan. I’ve lost very strong thralls just by gathering resources with my thrall. He’ll be following just fine and a min later I turn around and its gone.

Yeah it took me 4 or more thralls disappearing before I figured out that when they step on double+ stacked foundation pieces it causes them to teleport and die, so now when I’m building my bases I have to rethink how I do it if I want to avoid that.

Elevators seemed to be kind of hit or miss, at least until the last patch. Now they try to hop on the elevator with me and fall straight through and die. So I’ve pretty much stopped using elevators, which is frustrating to have to do.