Some problems with Thralls following you (PC)

Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Server PVE
Version: Latest version
Problem: Bug

I found that if a thralls is following you they are always teleporting, dunno if it’s normal or not, but I see that it is kinda weird, their following path isn’t a good one to be honest.
When a thrall is following you, specially when you ahve Mule Thralls, if you go to a cliff and you are going down or just going down a stair, they will fall and die.

There are a lot of problems like this.
All thralls and enemies’ movement bugs out on inclines and they warp around like crazy, sometimes dying as you mentioned. Thralls that teleport to you inside of a house can teleport into the foundation and die. Thralls fall through ceiling, into foundations, and die. Etc.

My Thrall on follow, just disappared in thin air. So lucky that he carried my best heavy armor

If you’re on single player, you can load a backup of the game. They’re taken every 5 minutes and it saves over 40 backups.

Keep in mind that a thrall follower may not be where you expect them to be when you load a backup. Follow along the path you were headed and you should find them (forward, not backtracking).

Im on a server. So i dont mind it. have crafted new… So seems like i got to live with it :slight_smile:

make thrall follow you, and it falls through the ground almost everywhere after. 5/6/2018 instance.

But im like thinking, with this problem what can you do when you are on PV servers :expressionless: I mean you can try and use your thralls to gon into other buildings I guess? I’m a PVE player but sometimes PVP is nice :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to know how much impact it has on PVP servers :\

Wished I knew this before asking one of my best thralls with full armour to follow me. Now she’s gone. :frowning:

I lost two archers crossing a bridge I built within the last 3 days or so. At the other side of the bridge i can turn hard left, hard right or walk straight over the edge of a cliff. They were lagging behind when I reached the other side and turned right.

About three steps later I hear a brief, “Aaah!” and she was gone. I assume she teleported diagonally into midair to cut a corner and then fell about 18 columns down. The same thing happened with the second archer I lost there. “Aaah!”, gone… “Oh, right. I should have been careful there.”

Do the thralls fall if you ensure that you are moving slowly so they do not have to teleport to you to catch up?
(This has been my approach to prevent thralls dying or disappearing forever when moving over known bugged areas…eg through the gate to one of our bases would often “swallow” our followers…so slowing there so I see the thrall walking behind me and watch it walk it’s way through the gate frame with a series of back-step judders, prevents it from falling through the foundations to be lost forever)
Have you tried “carrying” the thrall over that dangerous spot … that is getting to start of the bridge, selecting “stop following” and then using the pick up and move feature to “carry” the thrall to the other side. However I’ve not tested how far you can successfully move a thrall using this method, perhaps other players can tell us this.

If I wait, they just stand there. They seem to need me to move 2 or 3 more steps before they teleport. I’ll have to modify the bridgehead to make it safer for my thralls.

For the time being I’ll try the move thing. That should get them across safely.