Thrall falling to their deaths

My thralls keep falling to their deaths and i can’t do anything about it. This happens when i place them in my base, they either fall through the floor and die or if they follow me when i jump down 2-3 meters. Instead tp next to me, they tp up and fall dead. This is trully annoying, is there anyway to fix this?

This happens way too often. Especially when they are set to follow and have extra resources on them that I couldn’t carry without being encumbered. Many thralls fall through the ceilings or they fall into foundations and can potentially die that way too.

The follow issue requires that you don’t have them on follow. If they are following not on follow that would be new.

I’ve not experienced this since the game went live.

Are you playing single player or server? are you playing on a official server or if on private or single player have you wiped since launch and did you use the testlive build prior or the “live” build during EA only?

For something like this information is key, Devs when they look at a thread need to be able to replicate it. As it isn’t happening to me and I don’t want it to happen to me:

Is this happening on ceiling tiles? Square or triangle or both? Teir 1 2 or 3 or all?
Is it repeatable? or does it appear to happen at random?
Does it only happen when they are following? Does it happen when they move and not following?(combat or dancers for example? )

If it is Repeatable is it repeatable in multiple locations? If you don’t have thralls in multiple locations which location on the map (approx) is it happening?

Is it a particular type of Thrall (Fighter, archer, dancer, named?) or any thrall?

This is happening from what I have seen so far on tier 1 (sandstone) and tier 2 (stone stonebrick, insulated wood) ceilings and foundations (square or triangle pieces). It has happened on multiple areas of the map (desert aand highlands).

There seems to be a good amount of time the collision works, but then they fall through while on follow command within the base. Placed thralls stay in place and even if they come to defend they are able to return to their previous positions without the issue.

So far mostly archers and fighters but I believe one bearer thrall as well.

This is a non wiped dedicated server that existed during early access into launch. I upgraded the highlands base to tier 2 when they warned about the tier 1 issue and they were changing the contact regions of the pieces. It still happens even after that.

There is another tier 2 base in the desert region that is rather built for height that this happens in as well.

Sometimes, when this happens they are moving through the foundations as if they don’t exist and go up and down based on the terrain covered. They go through stairs but doors still seem to block them.

I have tried to remember to park the thralls, but lately noticed sometimes that stop following isn’t am option, just follow, even though they are already following. This I noticed at the cliffline above the stone pirate ship using an elevator down. But that has happened randomly besides that area as well. So this has become more so am issue with that problem.

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I either walk slowly so the thrall on follow can keep up without teleporting or I leave them outside the base.
If I run while in the base they will teleport into the foundation and die 100% of the time.
If I let them follow and I climb up onto the 2nd floor of my base, they will teleport into the foundation and die 100% of the time.

There are many bug reports mentioning the same things as in this thread, so it’s far from an isolated incident.

Has the server been restarted since this occurred?

The randomness of this sounds like something in the client may have corrupted. Particularly as it isn’t consistent. I’ll keep an eye out myself. I’ve not been able to replicated it but I’m not on a private server.

But with luck that will help a dev see this try to find an issue. That was very detailed :slight_smile: I wish I could repeat it.

As ExNihiloish mentioned, this does usually happen while running or climbing in a base. However, I have seen this while walking in a base that they are walking waist deep in foundation so I try a stop follow right away after they are on regular terrain to make sure I don’t lose them. The server has been restarted multiple times as well.

If I can’t do a stop follow as I mentioned above, I have to log off the server and rejoin to get them to stop following by defaulting them by exiting. If it was just the one problem with them falling, I had that mostly under control. It is the issue of not being able to tell them to stop following in addition to that issue that has become a bigger problem.

I haven’t had a problem making them stop following. I play on single player.

I have my map room on the roof, so if I want to take a thrall with me, I tell them to stop following and then I manually move them on top of the map. Then tell them to follow and then I teleport. If I just try to let them follow me up there, they teleport into the foundation and die…

ExNihiloish, yes pretty much. If I can get them to Stop Following, the move option works. I still can mostly, but it does start saying Follow on occasion when they are already following on the dedicated server. There are mods:

LTs Compass
Litman Thrall Distance, Loot Chests, and Level 156
Iron Sickle
Age of Exiles

However, they have been added and removed and this still happens anyway.

I don’t use any mods. So it’s may just be a problem on dedicated servers. No idea, but hopefully it gets resolved soon. The “Stop Following” option is very important when following thralls keep killing themselves.

ya it sounds like something has been corrupted.

The easiest way to prove that would be to wipe and do a clean install… but that isn’t a great solution

However… however… reinstalling on your computer may help.

If you do a full uninstall (manually backing up the Saved folder in the Conan Sandbox folder) then reinstalling clean without mods… see if the issue persists and then pull in the mods one at a time.

Of course if everyone on the server is having that issue then no point really as it would be obviously server side.

I play on a regular, unmodded server and experience the same thing.

It’s an annoying habit to have to develop, stopping just short of entering my base and if I want the thrall inside of it, stopping them from following me, then manually move-commanding them inside.

Otherwise they fall to their deaths, every single time. Foundations and Ceilings don’t seem to register as tangible objects to them.

They register to their wind pipes.
(Assuming they’re dying of suffocation)

Nope, it’s fall damage. If you hear them falling over and over and quickly realise, “OH CRAP!”, then leave the place and run away enough that they teleport after you and onto solid map terrain, they’ll be missing a chunk of health proportionate to the fall damage they’ve taken and however many times they went through the teleport-fall-teleport-fall-teleport-fall cycle.

Ah, yeah I have noticed the repeated falling and was able to save a few thralls. I didn’t realize NPCs could take fall damage though. I just assumed they didn’t, like in Ark.

It makes sense though. You can leave unconscious thralls submerged in a river and that doesn’t kill them. So I guess they don’t breathe.

Any thrall
T1- t2 building (dont have t3 yet)
Multiplayer didicated server
Fondations and ceilings
Its random
Multiple locations
Following yes ofcourse, i don’t let thralls follow me anymore because of that. Also when i place them on a ceiling, they sometimes fall through.

PC/SP. Lost my first thrall a couple of weeks before release inside the house. After release, even though I keep forgetting to set them to unfollow, never lost one in my base, all T1, fingers crossed. But I lost 2 nameds who fell to their deaths while I was riding elevators.

IMHO the best solution here, short of making them very smart, would be to disable fall damage on thralls. No good can come out of it.

Agreed, i know when the game came out there was no fall damage. You destroy the floor under a thrall, he just went straight down and stood there like nothing happened. It looks weird but it isn’t a gamebreaking advantage.

I’ve had thralls dying when I was using an elevator going down, it just fell from the top. Today I lost one when going up. I was more worried about the knocked down one, not being sure if it would survive the climb, but it’s the follower that died: fell from the sky when I reached the top.

So please, remove fall damage from follower thralls. Just like they are unkillable by players in PvE, make it so they don’t get fall damage in PvE and SP. No point in it.

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