Thralls suddenly dying when attempting to reach player on elevated base/platforms

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [PEGI]

Note: This post is about already tamed thralls that are deployed and following you

I’ve lost a number of thralls that were in follow mode and who were trying to approach me while I was moving around my base. The thrall falls from a height (possibly through the floor) and seemingly ends up taking fall damage, or is instantly killed. Often I’ll be startled by a sudden death gurgle when busy with something else and find the thrall’s body right outside the door or next to the building. Thralls falling through floors has been a problem for a while but I’m not sure whether this is related to it, since they normally don’t seem to take any damage from it.

-The event log notes that the thrall died but the cause is empty
-There are no enemies nearby or status effects involved
-Offline singleplayer, no other players
-It appears to happen when the base has foundations and ceilings that reach a few tiles above ground with stairs
-The last time it happened my base’s floor was 3 tiles high, with stairs leading to the door into the structure
-It may be related to the fact that when walking up or down stairs, thralls sometimes accelerate to ridiculous speeds (I’ve seen two accidentally launch themselves off cliffs I built stairs near this way)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build moderately sized structures several tiles above ground, complete with stairs
  2. Have a thrall in follow mode, move onto structure
  3. Move away from the thrall
  4. Thrall dies in honorable combat with the air


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I am very reluctant to get ANY fighter/archer thralls just because of this reason. I mean I had just one follow me around a while back and he deemed it necessary to die at the first world boss we fought, so no more for me.

Archers SHOULD be good against the purge, but they still aren’t, so no incentive for me to enable purge OR get any archers. The only thralls I have are the named ones that I stick into the crafting stations and that’s that.

And beware when the parity patch will arrive on PS4 after Funcom’s vacation, it seems everything’s a bit more aggravated regarding the thralls.