Thralls inexplicably falling and dying

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lost 2 bearers building already today, i will have them guard nearby now, seems like they are acting a lil more “sticky” now. blocking doors a lil less.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.roof something over 12 stories
2.command thrall to follow
3.they teleport out in the air and die

Hello @jistsomeguy, could you please share more details, preferably through screenshots or video, on your structure and how to replicate this behavior?

Maybe have ur team try the “steps to reproduce” part of this thread. Seems clear to me. I have experienced this as well, doesn’t just happen in my base it happens all over the map as the thrall following sometimes falls so far behind that needs to teleport to me followed with a loud grunt from the thrall like “eeigh!” N pops up behind me as if came out the ground but in the process seems it falls thru the surfaces somehow n loses 3k to 4k hp worst case it insta dies. Well known bug among the people I play with n not hard to replicate, have someone in ur team run around in a while u’ll notice ur thrall lost hp for no reason n that’s the bug.

it seems like the same prob we have w the extra long elevators. i hadent noticed it in awhile bc i adapted, i could be wrong but feel like they follow a lil more closely now. anyway it happened while i was roofing my new build, its large and intricate enough that i been on it all week. vote yes on removing thrall fall damage.

Just had Spinas fall to his death as I went up the elevator to my base yesterday. All you need to reproduce is a higher surface than the ground and a thrall on follow.

We are playing on a private server and admin give my wife Yrmirs daughter 67,000 hit points evidently fell off building site. Dead miniboss .

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