Thralls dying, performance issues, lots of problems

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug, Performance, Misc
Region: Official Server #3542 PVP - g-portal . us

We just lost 2 thralls while exploring today, for absolutely no reason. Fairin of the wild coast, and a nordheimer bearer 3. Both with full inventories (steel bars, obsidian, etc.) and full gear (cimmerian heavy, legendary weapons and shields). No explanation given, they are just dead. This has happened in the past, but never at this high of a level. Last night the server reset 3 times, costing our clan deaths and lost gear. We have lost countless thralls, gear, and xp due to thralls dying for no reason, server crashes, and other random nonsense that makes no sense. This issue needs to be addressed, and I expect to get our thralls and gear back. Otherwise, there is no point in playing or spending additional money on this game if all of our progress can just be set back in a split second from some random bug. I would appreciate a swift reply and some attention brought to our issues.

Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play the game
  2. Do anything
  3. Expect to pull your hair out
  4. Repeat

I’m not sure if this is the case, but your thralls can die from fall damage. So if they’re following you and you jump off a cliff, sometimes they jump too…

Hello @BunchofFatties, we apologize for the frustration this matter brought to your experience but, unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

Please understand that, without providing proper information regarding how the trall deaths occurred, as per our guideline, we’re unable to gather any useful information from your submission.

Certain mechanics that may cause players or their thralls to die may lead to the suspicion that an issue has struck, and sometimes that’s not really the case. We hope that you understand this and share any sort of details that could help us determine what happened, such as Event Log data and location, for example.

I was walking and the thrall died. My clanmate was walking and his thrall died in the same spot. This was in the volcano near the obelisk. No, we weren’t near lava. No, we did not jump off a cliff. As per the event log “‘thrall’ has died” in both of our cases.

That explains it. The thralls path in the volcano is not always the best. Following thralls tend to die by walking into lava whether you think it was there or not. There are several places where the lava is just below the surface and can be seen, but isn’t a river.

The best action is don’t take thralls in the volcano. The worst place is near the Well, but the Obelisk isn’t very good either.


Hey bud. Thralls should not be taken into the volcano at all. I lost a Captain along with her Sword of Crom the same way before and it’s because the thrall falls in the lava. You don’t see it, but it happens. I agree this is something that should be fixed, but in the meantime just don’t bring any. If it has never happened to you before then consider yourself extremely lucky. It happened to me the very first time I entered the volcano and since then I have left my thralls out of there.


Thralls dying because the volcano is messed up (and the thralls are messed up) is a game problem, not a player problem. This is an excellent opportunity to spend minimal resources to provide customer service. Services like online games live and die based on how they treat there players. If the official response is merely “the volcano is jacked up, but tough, that’s your problem”, then that is ridiculous. This game is buggy as hell, and we make due because it is also fun. When those bugs start costing players literal hours of gameplay time, that is unacceptable and no longer fun.

You’re original post was suspiciously vague. You claim many bugs many deaths all by just walking along. It’s no wonder that those of us that have already lost thralls in the volcano gave you the info that they did once you shared that information.

The pathing in the volcano for thralls is much better now then it was in the past. Used to not be able to step foot near the volcano without a thrall dying in lava. So they have been working on it. Now you can get from one side to the other with a thrall tow as long as you’re careful.

Thralls don’t jump so they can’t follow anywhere you have to jump over lava. There are also areas where the thrall will walk the other direction from you yes right into the lava. Funcom has never been shy about the fact that they know that pathing in the volcano is not working properly and they are continuing to improve the pathing in the volcano.

None of the Peers that posted above are saying that it should stay this way or making excuses. We have all lost thralls to lava in the volcano and this is the current build of the game and since they don’t want you to lose anymore thralls they are giving you sound advice about not taking thralls into the volcano at this time. When another patch is released that includes pathing in the volcano the situation may change. But until then the advice you were given above is sound.

Additionally it would really help the development team if you shared screenshots of where the death/s occurred. It helps them figure out what areas are still not working properly. We’re all passionate gamers just like you, the better the info we all give them the better they can do with the patches and fixes.

The exiled lands are dangerous… Please don’t pull out your hair.


Thanks for accusing me of suspicious behavior, that’s very helpful. I gave all the information I had. I’ve never posted a bug report before, so I’m doing the best I can. I appreciate the advice from my fellow players, but that is all after the fact.

Glad they are working on it.

I didn’t jump over lava, I was walking along. Thralls turning tail and running directly into lava, or in my case, just dying for no reason, is a bug. That isn’t player error. I never claimed my fellow players made those statements, but funcom has yet to say anything meaningful on this topic. My statements are directed at them since they are the only ones that can do anything here. They are giving sound advice, great, but that doesn’t fix the problem. Nor does it reimburse players when a bug costs them progress. That’s great advice for in the future, but that doesn’t address the core issue.

I’ll do what I can to help out with further information.

The exiled lands are dangerous by design. It’s when the game breaks and screws you over that I have a problem. And when that happens the player should be reimbursed what they lost. That isn’t an insane request, its pretty damn standard. If at any point the game can break, and it does, and the admins tell you you are just SOL, that’s not a company I will support.

So I appreciate my fellows trying their best to offer advice. I will take that advice for the future. In the meantime I’ll get those screenshots and await to hear what funcom says.

Can’t post screenshots because I am a new user. Whenever that gets lifted I’ll post the location and the event log.

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20190619_194400 20190619_194448

First picture is the event log of the 2 bearers that died. Second and third is where they both died at. We were both, individually, along this path when the message popped up saying that our bearer had died while following us.

Yeah, i agree i lost my first Bandit Leader due to buggy following in the volcano, so i make a point now to never use at least him near the vulcano again.

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There are plenty of places down this path for thralls to get into trouble. The end is a dead end for them since you would have to jump over the lava.

I see why they died.

Thank you for taking the time to provide additional information as requested @BunchofFatties, and for the screenshots as well!

Please rest assured that we value all feedback, as long as it’s constructive, and that we wouldn’t dare to be dismissive towards an issue that gets in the way of your enjoyment of Conan Exiles, especially one that caused you to lose your hard earned resources. We’re players ourselves and we know exactly what that feels like!

Furthermore, we’re aware of some issues with thrall path-finding and that’s something that our developers have worked on improving ever since the game was released, and will continue to do so.
As such, the details shared in this topic have been forwarded to them so that they have more data to work with, and very we’re thankful for that.

As others have suggested, we’d also recommend that you refrain from taking thralls to the volcano area, not as a solution but as a temporary workaround. Thank you for understanding!

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k it jist happened to me too, was runnin from near the priestkings retreat to unnamed city bridge, on flat ground, no cliffs. lost a relic hunter with legendary hammer 8[ same message as op, inexplicable. 8/

What were you doing before you started running? I have had a thrall die after a fight because of low health and bleeding. That was long ago before I learned to heal them up.

I hadn’t been in a fight in at least 10 minutes. Had a clanmate die and was watching his corpse while he returned. The area where the lava is at another clan had a bridge built, so like I said, I didn’t jump over lava because it wasn’t necessary. I was also well past that area when the thrall death message appeared. He had full 9900 health. Similar story with my clanmate.

My base is in the volcano and I can comfirm the AI does nothing to avoid the lava not only tame thralls but I watched a T4 named tanner walk right into it

k my friend lost a thrall last night while riding a long elevator down, i was watching from afar and saw the thrall jump off the elevator 3 times, log said he died 8[