Thralls dieing for no reason!

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: north america

Twice today i lost high level and very well geared thralls, by leaving a dungeon. that snowhunter named fighter from the mounds(lvl 15 or 16), lost at black keep, and named bearer(lost at klaels stronghold ,level 20 and wearing full silent legion and the sword i used the heart to make). Both thralls in both cases simply disappeared once i exited the respective dungeons, i ran away, ran back, entered,exited several times, killed stuff, waited, cried,they were on the thrall list as “following” the whole time, only to eventually (10-15 minutes or so i guess),get the message “was killed while following you”, nothing anywhere near them could have killed them without grinding at them for a looong time(bearer had over 17k hps.)also i would have seen or heard somthing,not to mention when i leave or enter a dungeon the thrall should port to me, no?? the thralls “slingshoting” has been grossly undependable a while,but of late is simply prohibitive and extremely frustrating. And if dungeons or maprooms are used it literally feels like russian roulette. I Love the game and really enjoy the challenging, unforgiving feel it has.
losing time and resources(lots of both in some cases) because i messed up or did not prepare well for a trip or task is fine, losing all that time because the game f–ked up or because thralls suddenly decide to disappear and die due to some pathing/slingshot error is bloody ridiculous.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Play and enjoy the game.
2.Learn to play well and get high level things.
3.Get confident and start doing dungeons and stuff.
4.Cry in disbelief as the game decides,again,“no, start things over or go find a more stable game.”.


The same thing happened to me, around the same time last night. Official PvE 3517.

I was building on my arena as part of my base complex, I went up to the main house to fill my water bag and grab some more hardened bricks when I noticed my level 20 bearer wasn’t crowding me. Follower Management said that he was still following me, so I looked high and low, ran around for about half an hour calling “ollie ollie oxenfree!” and never found him.
I gave up and went to bed. FM said he was still following, so figured I’d log out and he would magic himself to the origination point when I log back in. WRONG. Upon logging in I see he is still gone, but now FM doesn’t even have him listed plus, the event log makes no mention of his death. My lvl 20 bearer was just raptured out of the game while carrying quite a bit of steel reinforcements, shaped wood, and a few hardened bricks along with some other materials that I like him to carry for me.

It is these very types of things that made me leery of buying any of the dlc to begin with. Now, I’m pissed off that I did. Had he been geared up like the OP’s thrall, I’d probably go on another lengthy hiatus from the game. I hate it that such an awesome concept is marred by these Mickey Mouse beta stage anomalies. 3-4 years in, so I’m losing hope that it will ever get itself together.

I have found that in order to call your thrall back to you simply open your follower list and pull up their stats. This works best if another member of your clan is able to do it for you. If you pull up the list and their name is white they are too close and this normally doesn’t work. However if the name is greyed out it tends to work.


thank you, i will try that.

i feel your pain, it is terribly frustrating ,using the thrall list to check its stats, suggested by Rip does seem to help recall them in some cases.

may have just saved me another snowhunter, level 0 but still, she did not teleport with me when i used the maproom, i have lost thralls that way, using the stats trick worked, so thank you again, i will keep that tip in mind.

Just lost another one. Fairin of the Wild Coast went missing for a minute or two when I reentered my house. I step back out to see if he’s stuck in the steps or what/where the F he is, when I get a notification that he died while following me. Of course, the event log makes no mention of this. Of course, the thrall was loaded down with hardened brick and other materials that took a portion of my lifetime to farm. Of course, I’m/we are just expected to shrug it off and accept it as “part of life.” It’s such bs.

Here’s an idea. Don’t Fn work on any more fancy building pieces, armor, etc as part of a paid dlc update UNTIL the simplest and basic aspects of the game FUNCTION PROPERLY! Stop what you are doing right now, and fix the leak in the dad gum roof! The entire house is and will become a complete dump, if you allow the roof to continue to leak.


Thralls dying upon entering dungeons at random has been a thing for quite some time now. The fact that it is still a thing baffles me even further. And people wonder why we complain about the downsides to this game…


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