Thralls randomly dying without cause

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer | PVE]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

Have had three thralls, one that was fully maxed with great stats, just randomly die. Log just says “died”. All three were in our base, not following anyone. One named bearer (max level), one berserker, and one named archer. They weren’t killed, they didn’t die from falling, we logged in and they were just gone. All within the last week; two on the 19th, one today. I’m afraid to level anymore up or put legendary items on them in case this continues to happen.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into PS4 PVE server 3731
  2. Find thrall has died for no apparent reason

@Widow_Nothing check that you have not hit your maximum thrall limit.

@sestus2009 what is the max limit? We have a four person clan. We have 67 right now, but when these “died” we had a bit less. It’s been over a year since we’ve played, so the thrall limit is new to me (as well as mounts and leveling).

@sestus2009 I just checked the settings and it doesn’t appear that the thrall limit has been implemented yet on official, so unfortunately that would not explain their random deaths. I will need to decide which thralls to break bonds with in anticipation of it being implemented; pets will be first.

Any other ideas are appreciated!

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I am sorry about that mistake. I have been playing on private servers on mine and a couple others. Set mine to a hundred back when they first announced it. Others are less.

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@WhatMightHaveBeen do you have any suggestions thanks.

I went through and broke bonds on thralls since the patch that were waiting and parked for training. So now the list is much shorter and seems to be a lot smoother. Also culled horrible stats on the maxed thralls that I didnt need. Since, I ended up with a Universal Warrior horse but mid rage 3500 HP stat.

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We will be culling again bald top guys with long hair my wife hates. If they are not worthy of a helmet good by and let the Dafari go even a Brute not much use.

Hear is something strange on my server it lists the max and Quantity of thralls. A friends server doesn’t list either.

Hello @Widow_Nothing, the follower cap is not currently enabled for Official Servers, so this has to be related to some other issue.

Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the log message and another of the location they were placed?

In any case, we’ll register the occurrence for our team to look into, apologies for the loss.

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@Hugo please see the screenshots below. I circled the thralls that “died” and marked where they were placed.

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