Random Thrall dying

Hey there,

so im experiencing a weird thing. My thralls are dying just randomly while staying around in our Base. Not break bond and not killed by someone else because its even happening outside of raidtime. It just shows ‘died’ like it happens if you take them to the vulcano and they walk through lava. BUT he is staying in my base not being in follow mode.

This is the third time this is happening to me. Anyone else experienced random thrall dying?


Have you hit the cap for npc’s?

No i didnt, thats why it so weird.


Hello @therryy, are you playing in an official server?

Could you share a few screenshots of the area(s) where you set them to guard?

Yes im playing on 1313 and my Base is in one of the eastern barracks(the one where building is allowed) they got placed around it but I cant send a picture atm cause I’m not at home for Christmas.

I’ve had a few thralls disappear. I’m playing offline singleplayer. They were left in scouting mode in different bases. I exited the game and when I reopened the game, they weren’t there.

Well… I know mine died while I was in my treetop base. I’m thinking this is fall damage related.

Mine didnt follow me and neither was in scouting mode. Just a normal guarding thrall taking no kind of damage in my base

Thralls shouldn’t take falling damage, in my honest opinion.
I’ve watched my 4000k HP Thrall launch himself off a cliff for no reason and almost killed himself.

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