Mysterious thrall death?


I had a player on our servers report that one of her thralls died under “questionable circumstances” lol. She teleported away from her base, and right after she did one of her thralls died. When she checked the log, it only said her thrall was killed, but didn’t say by what. Anyone seen this before and know what it could have been? We just hope there was a legit reason and our thralls don’t start dropping dead for no reason.

Two years ago I had exactly the same notes about the death of my thralls (with the number 2 in parentheses) when the thrall fell through the mesh while guarding.
Moreover, this only happened when I was not around.

Interesting. I’ve never had that happen myself. Did it become a common issue or was it just a rare instance, is ya know?

There was a time when many people complained about this. And now there are certain places on the map where thralls often fall under the mesh. For example, there is such a place opposite the eastern entrance to Sepermeru, not far from the cliff. Just a year ago, any thralls or pets were guaranteed to fall under the mesh there, you just had to move away and let him out of sight (I don’t know how it is now, I haven’t played on this map for six months now). Only they seem to have stopped dying; even after a few days such a thrall can be saved. But I’m not sure it’s like that everywhere.

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Ah, ok. Thank you for the info! :grin:

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