Thralls dying apparently for no reason?

Recently, after June 1st, every now and then when I log in, it seems an apparently random thrall has died for no specified reason. (There’s also been a case where it instead say “was killed by ■■■. (2)” and that’s understandable.

But is there some reason why thralls die? There are on-guard, while I’m offline.

Not sure is this a bug or is there some unknown way they can be killed or what?

This happens on Offficial PVE-C, so no mod or things like that. And it also happens outside PVP hours. And I haven’t noticed this having happend in December-May timeframe ever.

[Also, even if the thrall limit would be active, I’m not over the 50 limit.]

Parece ser que te los eliminan por estar por encima del límite, porque en esos casos desaparecen de forma aleatoria, revisa el límite de esclavos por persona porque creo que está en 5 actualmente.

Fallen through the map maybe?

Someone used pallisades on them.
The fact that they returned home suggests that the player who did this, lured them from your claimed area using nearby monsters, and as soon as they get stuck on unclaimed land, he/she planted pallisades on them.

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