Thrall dying for no reason at all

To keep it short, my thrall was a cimmerion berserker, just finished king’s niche for wraps, she was left behind without any sort of danger (still on follow but thralls are thralls and get stuck on rocks) so when i arrived at my base i got a messege that my thrall was killed during follow.

I saw no evidence or any logs about her death or disappaerance, she just straight up died and vanished.
Possible because of the long teleport distance they just die? Second thrall i losing this way. Also this never happend before last patch mind you.

To update on this, the thrall’s possesion disappaered along with the thrall itself, no log of the items decaying, that shouldn’t be the case?

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I seen a reply in another thread about this happening, and people wondered if when the thrall “teleports” to catch up to you, they clip into the terrain a bit and the anti mesh kills them. Cant confirm or deny the truth to this, but it makes sense to be possible.

I hear i hear, my awareness on forums close to a sloth’s so i apologies if i make multiple threads. But i grown frustrated about it since i had a very neat looking thrall with good equipments disappearing just like that which never ever happened before. So what would people suggest? Babysitting thralls, not lose sight of them?

nope, that is not the issue, anti undermesh stuff, is only active in pvp server, PVE does not get repercutions, but it does send the undermesh location to funcom.

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Mine was on a wall at home…stand and defend…come back from camp: thrall died no cause no armor/weapons left.

Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up for me.

I just had that happen for the second time in about a week. I’m out leveling a thrall, still trying to get a decent tank and this one is looking promising so I’ve got him geared up and using great weapons. We grab a T3 armorer for my second base and I drag it home, which is not very far away. I get him put on the wheel and then notice my level 15 tank to be is missing. I check the map and he’s still at the cave. I go afk for 3 minutes and then get on the horse to go retrieve him. He’s now gone from my list of followers along with a fortune in good gear.

I get so mad at this game I almost uninstall it but decide paybacks will work. I play solo so I summon up some T4 fighter I’ve never heard of as admin. Should be better than the one I had anyway. After kicking myself for 3 days for ever having sunk so low as to cheat in that way on a video game I calm down and have this guy up to level 10. I grab another another T2 fighter at Skyfall Lookout since there was no meteors today and you never know when this game will eat one and drag him to my second base which is very close by. When I get there I have no follower and he’s not on the list either. Total time from last sight of him was about 3-5 minutes. No events, no nothing and another fortune in new gear and weapons gone.

If I have to recreate the event one more time for funcom to fix the problem I will never play a funcom game again, EVER!


Finally thralls are dying, though not for the right reasons. #nerf thralls :rofl:


No need to be overly dramatic but i can feel your frustration, especially with my unique looking cimmerian lady just poofing away mysterously with a sword of crom i grinded days over if not weeks. Truly a shame.
Hopefully a quick fix jumps in to save the remaining thralls in base.

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