Thrall 'Died while following'

game mode PVP official server 3138

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Im losing thralls, they just die for no reason, my kisthis the flestearer from the vulcano lives, 1 day and after he ‘died while following me’ Not in combat or anything, just chillin at base and he colapsed, 3rd i lose in a few day’s… Cant feed them or whatever, losing silent legions sets and telliths sorrow swords everytime one dies.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Thrall follows
2.At some point
3.He just get killed while following
4.No corpse 9 of 10 times

My thrall died while teleporting out of Volcano. She was fine while fighting within Volcano though. RIP T4 Bearer.

Volcano? Yog Altar?

yep, don’t bring thralls or anything valuable to the volcano. the chance of losing them is very high.

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Very true. I leave a surplus in the volcano on hand if I need to go to the furnace now and only give them gear I don’t care about losing. Something to do with their pathing I think causes them tonrun through the lava and die.

I didnt bring my thrall to the vulcano , i have it from the vulcano, just in the jungle, no lava no pit of yog and he just dead

Yeah I knew it, but did it anyway. I tested for about a week with disposable thrall from NA. Then I brought my T4 Bearer (I have about 10~15 of them but don’t consider them disposable) just to help me carry stuff. I didn’t use her to fight. All I did was switch my thrall from NA fighter to T4 Bearer and went to maproom and teleported. Then I get the message that my thrall died while following me.

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There’s really no reason for thralls to be hurt by environmental effects. Pathing is not consistent enough to make them take damage from falling and lava. Taking thralls to the volcano with you is pointless if you don’t want to lose them, and climbing anything is always a risk as well.

I’ve played since release and back then you couldn’t even drag unconscious thralls up elevators because they’d die of falling damage. That has since been fixed, which is a move in the right direction. But captured, following thralls should also be fixed in this manner as well.

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