Suicidal thralls

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]
Mods: [None]

Strange pathing of following thralls

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

When you have a thrall following you, especially bearers, the pathing is very strange sometimes.
When you run away from them, you expect they will come from behind you.
But when you turn around they are not there, and they blink behind you.

I nice example (and a disastrous one) can be found here (Warning: strong language):

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This happened to me on same type server last night except I was building 35 story tower and was coming down the stairs when he died and it was really near yog pit but never seen corpse.

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For future reference, although both of you probably know this, to retrieve the thrall’s goodies, drop some waste product outside the pit, like putrid meat. When the thrall turns into a bag, her contents will go into your “trash bag,” outside the pit.

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Funny story. I was in the volcano, exploring when this other player comes running and asks if I have seen a corpse nearby. Turns out he had brought a thrall with him and there was a message the thrall had died but he couldn’t find it. I told him I’d keep an eye out and kept exploring. Now, I had a thrall with me too and not five minutes later I get the same effing message :man_facepalming: They probably both got fried in lava.

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Bringing thralls or pets in the volcano isn’t mostly the best idea, experience made.

I would say, pets and thralls can help, and be used in some situation, but you need be careful when you run around with them. You have still to look for them, think twice.
In a good fight a good stuffed thralls may be helpful if used in the right way, but i never run all over the map followed by thralls.

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I second Vattende on that with the exception of when you WANT to get rid of a random thrall or pet…putting them on follow and going about your normal play without care that they stay with you or where you are going to is a trouble free way of killing them due to their tendency to path into lava or spikes (RIP bearer II) or fall to their deaths pathing to you on staircases (RIP original Toothless, my first crocodile)…


I play with pvp settings, so this isn’t never a issue for me, i’ll kill them simply.

That’s the good thing, i can’t stand it when i have thralls, and can’t handle them properly. I know it is very time consuming. :wink:

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I remember my first visit to the volcano. My gf was with me, we both had normal wolves. We both lost them on the lava, was pretty funny.

Yesterday I took my t4 bearer with epic flawless gear and legendary weapon etc. I got so nervous going near the lava, that I caved in and got the hell out of there!

Luckily I use pickup+ so gonna carry my thrall through the lava next time, so they don’t get fried. Maybe make a few chests and leave them around to shove my loot in to grab later. (The pleasure of playing on private server with just my gf…lol)

EDIT: Just have to say I LOVE pickup+…such a friggen awesome mod! Sorry to those that don’t use mods :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, the lava is a tricky part. It’s handled as ground, so that’s bit the problem.

I use actually Better Thralls, so i can ever have several jumping in the hot ponds at the same time. :rofl:

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