Thralls teleporting to the edge of the map and dying

I’m currently playing on the official PvP server 3592, on ps5. Earlier today I was walking around with my t4 volcano thrall and I went in my base to deposit some stuff and when I came out I didn’t see my thrall anywhere so I checked the map and it was now past the green wall near Sepermeru and 2 seconds later I get a pop up saying it died while following me. The event log says I killed it. Is there any solution to prevent it from happening again. It’s the second time already. It also happened with my friend’s thrall. However, this one didn’t die it just went back to the last spot it was in guard mode. I have a clip showing the moment it happened but I don’t think I can post it here from my ps5. Sorry if there are somethings missing, it’s my first time posting on this forum.

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You won’t be able to post pictures or videos until you wander around the Forum a bit it’s to assure you are not a bot. You might want to put your post in the bug section. Funcom peeps won’t be on till Monday. Unfortunately they will not be able to help you with replacement of your thall.

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Thank you for your report. You should now be able to post images and videos.
Also, can you share a picture of the event log showing the follower’s death?

Thanks in advance.


Here is a screenshot of the event log. I also have a clip of it happening but I can’t seem to post it here, even after shortening it down. But once I can post it I will do it. Thanks for your help.Also I said in my first post that the event log said I killed it but it was my mistake it said it when it first happened to me a while back but not this time. My mistake.

Okay so it just happened again I swear I’m about to just stop playing it’s the third time already it’s really starting to piss me off I’ve lost another thrall full of stuff that just died for no reason at all. I honestly don’t know what causes it

but please fix this


Thank you for your report. Our team already has all the information you provided and they will investigate it.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your support.

Thanks dude appreciate it. At least someone understands how I feel lol. Also I still can’t post the video clips I have do you know why?

Most likely related to forum activity requirements. Peruse the forum for a bit, view some threads and check out some posts. It may open your account to video posting availability. GL.

Is there any way I could at least get the stuff my thralls had since I really don’t think any of this is my fault. I know I can’t get the thralls back but the stuff they had would be appreciated if possible.

I am sorry. But FC will do nothing, and it is their fault. Wish they would either replace things, or stop taking things from us. Either way would be fine. Unfortunately neither are coming any time soon.

That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure. Anyways thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Np player. Gl and best wishes.