Thralls running away and dying without sense

Game mode: *[ Select one: (Online official
Type of issue: *[ BUG)
Server type : [ | PvE - 8013 isle of siptah map]
Region: *[ EU- GERMANY
Hardware: PS4

Bug Desription:

I was riding my rhino on the way to the grey one pools when I recognize that my thrall is not followIng after I pick him up again and Continue my ride. He start walkng away to the citadell on the left corner side of the map and then I got a notice that my thrall died. When I had a look in my Event log it says that I killed him. It was jerik the accursed with Full t4 armor and so on. Same happend to my Clan member with his ulfarn the beast Tamer my thrall Was lvl 20 his was lvl 18. It happend around the big Lake where the blackhands are.

Expected Behavior:

Thralls follow properly and not dying without sense.

Steps to Reproduce:

Cant reproduce because it happens without sense


After you picked him up did you have him follow again or did he start to scout? Did you find his body?

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I let him follow me again. After few Steps he started running faster then me with my Mount and then as he moved to the bottom left corner biom where the demons and that elder humans are he died the log Shows he was killed by me. i Was there and not even his corpse was there. Same happend with my Clan member thrall Near the big canyon at the blackhands base. In his log was written that he was killed by boars which should not happen bc of his Equipment. Pretty weird Things Happen on siptha. The problem is that now we dont have proper thralls anymore so we can get new t4 thralls. Whole squad is now dissapointed and dont want to play anymore


I’m sorry to hear that I have been playing Siptah have not had that happen. I have been on a private server don’t know if it makes a difference.

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Seems that this Happen to a lot of players on diffent Server and maps

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The one thing I noticed with these reports is that the closer the thrall is to level 20, the likely hood of them randomly dying is higher.

I also wonder if they have something else in common such as armor or weapons when this happens, but, it’s hard to remember the exact load out for each thrall, specially if the body disappears.

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