Thrall losing health while having them on follow, and dying out of nowhere

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So, I was exploring I had my thrall following me like always I was looking for other thralls to knock out. I was at freya s hovel . While I was standing around waiting for the thralls to respawn I notice my thrall clutching his stomach, so I got to check and he’s at 1000 out of 9000 we weren’t in combat and had just finished killing the four NPCs in that small outlook. I don’t know what’s going on but since the update yesterday I have lost a few animals mysteriously while out and I’m assuming this exact reason is why. Hopefully someone can look into it soon because having back up with the thralls is nice without them mysteriously dying out of no where.

Anyone else having this issue ?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Having same problem, on ps4 pve server. Using new Frost giant bodyguard on follow. Has 8265 hp, just found him down to 325hp without fighting anything. You run ahead wait for lag so he finally catches you up and has lost loads of health.

hmmm, i saw a similar post in the pc forums. we thought it teleported to the yog pit but if it happens to others, it might be sth different:

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