Thralls die for no reason. -.-" PLS HELP

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance | Other
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: [ EUROPE ]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: [ No ]
Edition: [ Select one: Steam ]

Bug Description: Thralls die for no reason.

Hi, as a Conan loving gamer, I would hate to quit this game because of some stupid bugs and issues! So … I play this game almost exclusively to catch, tame and train thralls up to perfectionism. and therefore my concern is doubly important to me! I’ve had it before that a Thrall has died for no apparent reason !! I have accepted it so far and cope with it somehow annoyed, but this time I don’t just want to put it away because I have little time to play and I was really lucky :frowning: I got a Purge Fighter Thrall called Animal Tamer Ulfarn !! I trained with the best food !! he had very good chances of growth … just as I would like them to be :frowning: even the first perk was a real jackpot for me !! … 3+ on all values ​​!! and that’s exactly why I ask you to restore it! PLEASE! :frowning: I play on an official server (1041 EU) my player day is (Ulfhedin # 62745)
I have attached photos! as evidence.

And so it happened! : After logging in I wanted to do the warmaker dungeon … so I grabbed ULFARN … gave him food and ported me to the warmaker obelisk !! my thrall was unfortunately somehow not there … (despite FOLLOWING activated) … i walked back and forth for several minutes it did not come after !! At some point he was there but didn’t follow me … so I ran into the dungeon and he wasn’t there again … so I went out of the dungeon … and ulfarn was gone … was also not on the map displayed: / some time later I received a message that he has passed away !! WITHOUT KILLING HIM SOMEONE !! :frowning: that made me really sad because I found my favorite with this thrall :frowning: from the stats and the first perk as well as the attribute points and growth opportunities already achieved :frowning: please help me!

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Steps to Reproduce: I DONT KNOW WHY AND HOW

  1. my thrall follow me
  2. i port myself to warmaker Obelisk
  3. Thrall was on follow but was no there …
  4. died reasonless :confused:

Beast Tamer Ulfarn . PURGE THRALL ( fighter) :*(
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Could you share a picture of the event log showing the event of your follower dying? Thank you in advance.


Couple times i have same bug and my thrall or my pet die on following.In log wos nothing.Looks like he fall undermesh and pass 10000 distance(log show just events if they happen close then 10k)

Processing: Conan dritter Log Ulfarn.jpg…
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i cant post cause im new oO … :(((

That sucks >_<"

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Cimmerian purge fighters easy to replace.Teimos is better in all cases

you dont get my point, Friend.
with time could be…

I play almost 3 years.Lost some top thralls 20 lvl in top equipment.Also with good perks.So what i not understand?

They just fall undermesh.Dont place them on ground or foundations.Ceilings bit more safe.I lose some thralls in this way

anyone else got this message? i lost 2 slaves when i wanted to leave unnamed city. and when I committed suicide in unnamed city

I’m waiting for 3.0 to better criticize the game :stuck_out_tongue:

My thrall just died as well with all my loot on her any fix to this?

Rip sorry you can nothing for him. the next time place your slave inside a house equipped with a chimney so that he does not die of cold

edit: this is not a solution everything can die or disappear for no reason. because the game has problems