Thrall randomly dying

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: No mods, official server.
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

My poor thrall was ruthlessly murdered, and the eventlog claims the blood is on my hands. But I did not kill the thrall, my clanmates was none too suprized and says it happens and that it’s a bug.

Expected Behavior:

I wanted her (the thrall) to kill stuff so I wouldn’t have to. But she was dead…

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:


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There have been a few of these reports lately.
It would be good to know, When, and where this happened.

For example was it after server restart?
Was she following, or guarding?
Did you come out of a dungeon, vault, or cave?
Did you recover the body?

P.s. I hope you have better luck with your next companion.


also how many thralls u got as clan? is there a chanche that the death was triggered due to a number more than it is allowed u to have?

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Suuuuure that’s what they all say


Not entirely sure how close it was to a server restart.

Guarding. Though she had been following me earlier.

Hours before maybe.

I didn’t notice until a day later. I logged in to rush to my clan’s aid with a purge but my thrall wasn’t where I keep it placed when offline.

We are not at the limit. 153/200

I demand a lawyer! :smiley:


Thank you for sharing and having a sense of humor about it.

Your server time is 0500 restart which throws me, but you are saying your follower died at 0155? At this time, PvP and Purge are off for your server, correct?


According to the eventlog that is when the thrall died, yes. I may be a murderer (according to eventlog) but I am not a witness to the crime. I wasn’t there to see the thrall die. What I mean to say is, eventlog says thrall died 01:55, yes. PvP and Purge was not active at that time no, it’s 18 - 23.


OK that’s good to know.

When you tell a Follower to stop following, they go into Scouting Mode. While in this mode, they are vulnerable to game-world events, killings by other players and “kiting” to be killed on lava or other hazards. Any time of day.

I think it could be theoretically possible that if following turns to scout, the log might show you as responsible for an environmental death.

I plan to test this tonight on one of my clanmate’s rotten scoundrel followers. :smiley_cat:


Interesting theory, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Though, I am unsure what could have killed my thrall. I had asked it to stop following me in base, so nothing deadly around it. Also, quite curious about the (2) in event log. Means I killed it twice?

Similar happened to my clan mate’s Dalinsia, on 1510 PVE server:

Neither of us was on when it happened, and as you can see, it doesn’t even say what killed them.


I was alone on my server, so I will need to take a look later and see if my test thrall died on the lava where I did a Rube Goldberg test to kite him away. The ultimate test will be with meteors, and this might take some time to prove out.

Was your follower in a lava, cold or meteor zone?

As a player, in my opinion based on observation, the [2] signifies there is a dependent event. Did the Follower’s possessions rot? i.e. did you lose armor, weps, inventory? To verify you would look for a Lootbag event in the timeframe of the follower’s death, similar to the screen grab of @Lahaina.

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No, they weren’t; my friend’s base is in D 10. Followers don’t take damage from temperature now anyway. Although I have died to meteors, I have seen my thrall shake it off like it was nothing. They would have to be hit by multiple meteors in succession to kill them that way.

Also, if you are testing in single player, you are testing it wrong in my opinion, you need to have a thrall that is NOT in your clan and then do the things you are suggesting. As long as the owner is not nearby, thralls go into a nerfed state as I have shown here:

I am planning to do it with some pals, but they were/are all offline. Official server.

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Thanks for the feedback, eldon and Cirkus. I have found a willing participant in another clan who can help me out, and it only cost 500 starmy. :stuck_out_tongue:

May I just say that if this is in fact a feature I’m very much behind it. I’m not pointing fingers, but if a clanmate left a high-end follower in the wild and it “returned home” into lava or meteors, I’d like to know. I know you want answers, thanks again for continued feedback and in advance for your patience, until the behavior is replicated.


Ah yes, I didn’t notice until a day or so later that my thrall was dead, so I lost the stuff on it. Then I know what the (2) was, thank you.

Wasn’t the lava damage to thralls and pets disabled 1-2 patches ago…?

This, I don’t know for sure, and it’s like all the other stuff I “thought” I remembered. I could have sworn my followers were taking damage up near the lava floes by Flamemist Camp. I, my horse, thrall and frost giants seemed to take damage.

Edit: confirmed, I must have been imagining things. No follower lava damage. Thanks!

I do have some other leads (thanks in part to @Zeb), and will test it , and lava, etc this weekend. I have allies and “enemies” willing to help run some


My brother suffer the fate as you, being pointed out as the killer in the event log.
From what he told me before he log out that day, the thrall was stuck between a maproom and wall inside the base while following him and he place the the thrall to stand guard near his bed. Only notice it was missing the next day when looking for it that about all he remember.

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I have been unable to replicate this issue.

Same thing happend to me a few days ago. I’m playing on Isle of Siptah PvP server.

I lost one Berserker who knows how… the message just popped on the right of the screen while walking " Your thrall died while following you"

Yesterday I jumped into the sea with the horse…I swam a few meters, then I decided to continue swiming without the horse… After a few seconds same message " Your (horse) died while following you"

I never found the bodies neither the loot bag.

Any way to contact funcom to get items and thralls back??

IT is crearly a bug…

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