Thrall suffocated or what

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

My thrall died for no reason. And disappeared with all the loot and equipment.
At first he got stuck under a Stygian ship and neither climbed aboard nor swam ashore. Didn’t react to commands.
In the end it just disappeared and the logs said this:
“Stygian Fighter III owned by [clanname] was killed by [myname] ([clanname]). (2)”

What is the reason?
Can I get my slave back, or at least his equipment?
If so, how do I do it?
I have not found any way to send a ticket to the server administration.

Expected Behavior:

I expected the thrall to board the ship and fight or swim ashore when I did. Instead of getting stuck and dying.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play PvP Siptah.
  2. Take a thrall with you.
  3. Go with him to the Stygian ship on L4.
  4. Get on the ship and fight. A thrall cannot.
  5. Thrall gets stuck under the ship and does not respond to commands: attack, return, go. He also does not teleport if you move far away.
  6. After a while, thrall disappears, the logs say that he was killed by you.

Hi there and welcome. From a player, thank you for this report. I have been working to find the source of random thrall deaths, and this is a very good lead.

Also, I swim to my base many times daily, and my “spider sense” has been going off for a while now about my follower(s) drowning. Your report has helped me understand, although I’m playing on Exiled Map, there is a risk. I’m sorry for your loss, there’s no mechanism for getting back your killed thrall or its possessions. All you can get is our thanks. :slight_smile:


It happened again.

This time the thrall simply began to slow down on the road, it was necessary to run up to him so that he would follow again.

At some point, he simply disappeared and the map showed that he was running somewhere to the north.

Did not teleport to me and did not respond to commands.

At some point, he stopped and there was an inscription that he died on the way.

I think it just fell through the textures, lol.

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