Random thrall deaths -- My findings

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Edition: Steam

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I’ve had four seemingly random thrall deaths in a month and I’ve finally figured out what’s going on.


So I cleared the beach, ramp, and knocked out beastmaster I chucked some chains around his legs and dragged him down the beach.

I’m fully aware the NPC stands on the beach while I swim so I went to an area with only one wandering NPC killed it then swam under the pirate ship to join up with a clanmate who was taking a more direct route back.

Just before we reached the beach there’s a message saying thrall died while following you.

Then there was the sound of a face palm…

I swam back to the area on the beach where I left the thrall and nobody no NPCs no nothing.

Finally done with losing thralls me and my clanmate decided to free the beastmaster and explore the area to find the dead thrall.

Finally located him at the top of the pirate ship surrounded by hostile NPCs because these NPCs are immortal if they cant path to a player he stood no chance at all.

At some point, the game has teleported him up into the pirate ship to get him closer to me leaving him open to attack while being unable to defend himself.

I’ve also had this issue while running under the black galleon where the NPC has teleported vertically and died.

The teleportation needs looking at, also maybe some swimming lessons for the thrall so he can come with me?

Shout out to DexSorn who seems to be having similar issues


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NPC thrall would swim behind you and not need to teleport great distances.


Thrall would only teleport to a floor tile the player has already touched to prevent crazy vertical placement.

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Put an NPC on following and go for a swim around Buccaneer Bay








But what about those thralls who die not while on the following, but on guarding?

Seems to be same issue they agro onto something try to teleport to it and either die to it or get stuck under the floor and die there

All three of my thralls died in the moment I entered the game or returned to them. They could not react to anyone (I`m a singleplayer).

Hey all,

We’ve sent this info to our team. We’ve received a bunch of recent reports about thralls causing issues (random deaths, and so on) and we are looking into it.
Thank you for sharing your findings with us. One of the issues you mention in your report (AI fights not being resolved until the player is nearby) is getting addressed for 2.6. We’ll see if with that change we can reproduce that part of the problem. We’re also continuing work on pathfinding, which seems to have become erratic with the recent updates.


In addition to unexplained deaths, in recent days I have had cases of simply missing thrallss, when they were on the list, but disappeared. And it has always been a guarding in the natural landscape, no one has ever disappeared while standing on the buildings.
I have a strong belief that the problem is that when spawning, the thralls simply fall deep into the textures.


They DO fall. When I die in combat and run back to the area, the thrall is not visible, but the map shows them. Goind god mode and flying under, usually I find them, but I have to be very quick to get back after telling them to follow again, because as soon as they follow, they start to fall even lower until they hit the barrier and die. So a solution in SP is ghost down, grab, and admin teleport anywhere on the ground before they die.


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