Standing thralls, pets and mounts goes inside terrain while guarding

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance | Other
Server type:PvE-Conflict
Region: EU
Mods?: no
Edition: Steam
Map: exile land

Bug Description:

Since the last few days I noticed my guarding thralls and pets/mounts are going inside walls/ground/basicly anything while standing still. I came across each day new thrall/pet/mount almost completely inside the ground or walls, and I need to relocate him out of the mesh only to discover he went there again the next day. Its hepening while the thralls are in Guard mode, not following. i have tons of thralls placed all over my base and they just move from their original spot which is there for year already and they just move inside mesh of ground or terrain walls. Usually they not 100% inside the terrain so i can still press E on them and move them back again, but once they 100% inside, im loosing the thrall or the best armour and sword that he have on him.

Expected behaviour:

Stay in the same spot they stood for 2 years.
I have lots of thralls that placed for ages in the same spot and never moved.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Enter the game
    2.scout my base
  2. Seeing my random thralls inside terrain
  3. Saving them by placing them outside the terrain.

FC will not dig up ypur thralls. Nor will you ever get any weapons and armors replaced by FC.

Read your EULA. FC is not responsible for anything lost in game, even if loss occurred due to FC…

They blew the testing budget on lawyering the EULA so they are free from any responsibilities.

And Gravedigger does 0 to help…

Man, i didnt lost anything. Im just reporting a bug that hepening, please read my post before comment.
Im playing on exile land map so no gravedigger but why you know this you didnt read my post :man_shrugging:t2:


Experiencing the exact same bug but on singleplayer/co-op. Just loading my map causes a bunch of thralls (not all of them but random ones) to move from their Guard positions. I’ll often log into singleplayer and a bunch of thralls will be facing the opposite direction as before. Or they’ll be a few feet away. Or sometimes they’ll be underneath a floor or clipping through walls or I cannot even find them. One thrall went completely missing, I should probably Ghost under the terrain she used to be at and see if she’s anywhere to be found. This may be the first time I’ve seen this bug and I’ve had the game since launch. So I really get it when OP said: “Stay in the same spot they stood for 2 years.
I have lots of thralls that placed for ages in the same spot and never moved.”

He’s reporting a bug not asking for his thralls back. He wants this bug to be fixed so this stops happening and isn’t related to recovery assistance.


I’ve actually been experiencing this issue since 2.4 on both maps. If I place my thralls on a foundation, they seem to be fine, and don’t vanish deep in the under mesh. However, if I place them on the ground they will sink threw the under mesh eventually. I’ve had to ghost waaaay down under the mesh to retrieve thralls.


Thank you for your report @AstroPony, can you share with us the server number and the in-game map location of your base for our team to investigate?

Also, thanks for your feedback @Xar and @dobbytwostep, would you be able to share your singleplayer save file and the map location for your base as well?

Everyone feel free to reach out to us in private to share the requested information.

Thanks in advance.

For what it’s worth, I’ve also experienced the same issue (in singleplayer) - I haven’t reported it because I’m currently playing a heavily modded game, which would make any bug report irrelevant and haven’t figured out a solid way I can test it in a test world without just spending hours waiting to see if it happens.

From what I’m seeing, it’s maybe related to a thing followers on guard now do where they sometimes just wander off and go somewhere else sometimes (again too inconsistent for me to come up with a good test), sometimes showing up in very odd locations (roofs seem to be a favourite).

Both these behaviours (the wandering and the disappearing into the mesh) seem to have started with 2.4 as dobbytwostep noted.

There is one particular spot on the exiled lands (near the hand of the maker) that I found this happened a little more consistently than elsewhere - though far from guaranteed. When I ghosted under the map at that spot, I found that there is actually an area of land beneath the land, and the missing thrall was standing comfortably on this land instead. (If someone can remind me of the command to gather correct map coordinates I will be happy to provide them.)

Experienced the same thing right after yesterdays patch.

One of my horses fell through the world, and exploded.

So much for that horse.

I’m running a slightly modded game, although this problem was happening the exact same before I added mods. Mainly I want to say that I’ve been noticing what could be related to the problem. I’ll be walking by some of my thralls who are in Guarding mode, but they will sometimes be walking in place or walking around as if they’re in Scouting mode. I’m of the idea that this is a bug related to Scouting mode happening while Guarding. As for why it results in thralls and pets teleporting below solid objects like rocks and the ground, perhaps it’s because of this bugged Scouting happening and the game is trying to find the nearest surface to place them after the game thinks they’ve been wandering around. Just some ideas to give a good starting point to fix this.

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