Thralls keep falling halfway through the floor and are unable to move and fight

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: 6011 Official Server
Mods?: No

Bug Desription:

When you take a thrall with you and the thrall teleports to you they get stuck halfway in the ground way too often. If they get stuck and you move far away they often don’t teleport back to you. It took one of my thralls 1 hour to return to me. Commands doesn’t work either.

It happens mostly inside a base when they get stuck somewhere and they should teleport to you.
It also happens a lot of the time inside a dungeon, and when you leave the dungeon outside (same for the horse but it happens less).

Expected Behavior:

If I move far away from the thrall or the thralls gets stuck I expect them to teleport to me if they can’t keep up, but not halfway in the ground, while not able to do anything.

I expect them not to get stuck.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Take a thrall with you.
  2. Move inside your base (most likely happens in a more complex base also with ceilings), inside a dungeon, or leave a dungeon, it also just happens out in the open (make sure they need to teleport).
  3. See thrall get stuck (when you give them the order to move you see them run but are stuck).


This is very annoying when you rely on a thrall to tank for you since health pool of a player is pretty low.




I can confirm that I’m also getting this problem a lot with my thralls (on Siptah - as thats where I’m playing these days). They keep falling through the foundation pieces of my base for some reason and getting stuck in place. As far as I recall, this never used to happen before the 2.4 update (or maybe 2.3).

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Add me here also. I have seen this happen with mounts before 2.4, but since 2.4 i have seen this as a common irritating thing …if u pick your thrall up and put him on guard it won’t get your thrall buried again. You leave your base and then repeat :)). I think it gets buried when the thrall teleports to the player.

I will add here that Horses get stuck in gates with their heads, which will prevent you from interacting with the gate. Been killed a couple of times at my own gate because of the damn horse, you could not interact with objects while mounted (thank god you can now, as this is a good workaround …it’s seen as a QoL though…).


  1. Have a horse on follow
  2. Run into the gate
  3. Horse follows you, hits the gate and has a peak outside :wink:
  4. You have to move the horse so that you can interact with the gate again
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Been seeing the same in the exiled lands. My base design typically is made with foundations around the edges and ceiling tiles and wedges in the center, some supported by pillars.

The thralls are standing on the terrain beneath the foundation. Doesn’t matter if it is a solid Wedge or tile. The foundations are raised ~ mid way above the terrain.

Just moments ago I noticed Senk was missing. She was placed on the third floor of a tower. I chose to find her on the map and she was nearby. Underneath the Derketo Pleasuredome. I had to Ghost to find her. She had never been placed at that location before or after the altar and foundations were built.

The foundations for the Derketo altar are similar, foundations on the edges and ceiling and wedge tiles in the center.

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I had simuliar issues with placement, one of my sandreapers got suddenly on the roof and one of my scorpion queens inside the tower. Instead of on the ground before the tower lol. Seems like if they had combat they not always return to the spot we placed them.

This is also a reccuring issues. Back then when the siege mechanic was active i have build exactly on the maelsttom border. My thralls have sometimes went 3-4 grids away from their original guarding point.

It always happend when i Was offline. It was tested by another Player while i was offline, while i have done the same for him. I will try to reproduce how it was Happening.

  1. You need to have ur “base” or “guarding point” near a dense populated area. I had like 10 rocknoses around my area.
  2. Place some thralls on guard and ask your friend to Mount a horse and full throttle near the rocknoses.
  3. If the friend just continues on his way and outruns them, the rocknoses will change target from the mounted friend to your thralls.
  4. The thralls and the rocknoses will start fighting, but because no one is in render range, they will just teoretically fight each other.
  5. Friend comes back after a while on the same Route, rocknoses change agro back to your friend and your own thralls will follow the rocknoses.
  6. Result is…thralls travell sometimes 3-6 grids away from guard point.

This might not be 100% accurate, last time i had to do thrall recovering Was begore 2.3.

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Expected behavior:
Thrall or pet must return to their last guarding spot out of anyone’s render view or after 5 minutes.

I can confirm this issue.

While I can’t solve this, I have found hitting them with your weapon once will normally get them moving again.

You know what I don’t understand and like about this? Thralls have a range setting, e.g. don’t go beyond 50m. This simply doesn’t work.

Whether it’s guard or follow, they never stop and return because they have exceeded their range. So why have a Range option if it isn’t going to be used?

I noticed when they are stuck and you accidentally give them the order to move (what happens sometimes when you misclick mount on horse) they no longer tp to the player.

What happens is they want to move to the location before anything else happens… they won’t even fight when stuck and being ordered.

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