Thralls fall through foundation - logging out on foundation gets you stuck

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [East]

Logging out then logging back in while stood on a foundation makes you get stuck inside it. Also placing thralls on foundations means they will fall through.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Logout or place thrall on foundation
  2. Login and you and thralls will all have fallen through and are stuck

i have experienced this also.

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i have a similar issue as well i just reported it

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Happened to us as well. 2 of my T4 archers died from the fall as well since they were stationed on a tall tower.

Ouch that sucks! Only one of mine died but that was a separate bug where they follow you to the upper floor then fall through and die. All 8 of my lvl 3 thralls got stuck in foundations! Admin helped me using ghost so I keep them all on the floor for now.

this bug is irritating when you playing solo on official server and your thralls fall down without reason and die. You lose your time on catch thralls and lose your materials on armor for that thralls.

Same , all my Thralls in my castle fell through though upper floor and all ended in the base foundations! I was able to destroy the foundation and retrive them. But do not place them back they will fall again once you log out. Also i log off a floor higher than two stories and I log back in fallen thru the floor and in the base foundation!

we have about 50 thralls now stuck in foundation, lost most of them :(. Oh and to add to this we cant add more as you get too close to a thrall (that is under the foundation) so we have to knock down t3 foundation to get to them. aint going to happen they will just get stuck again.

We are already aware of the issue but thanks for taking the time to write down the feedback :slight_smile:

I have shut down my dedicated server that has about 25 active players due to this bug. I rolled it back to the time the patch hit because my mods cannot continuously replace peoples thralls that are falling and dying. Please make this the highest priority to fix so that we can all start playing again.


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