Thralls and players sinking into foundations

Players log in and are under the foundations. Thralls that were moments ago standing proper on their wall are now sunk into the foundations and are not able to be recovered without breaking the foundations. Please fix this.

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Yep, trying to fish 12 freya archers out of foundations now. I set a couple back up and no matter where I put them they’d sink back down.

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I lost a full chest of Gold and Silver and 800 Alcamy Agent, a full chest of demon bold, a full chect of fire orbs and greas orbs, a wood beanch and a t3 carpenter, a khatan bench and a named thrall, and more, this is not accecptable, please fix now

Any thralls placed on foundations will fall through to the ground beneath.
Any thralls placed on ceiling tiles will fall to the next fall point, and if the drop is too great they will die and be reported as invalid thrall.

This happens when you destroy any building piece in the general area.

i am destroying my base to find them, and find them i am

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