Thralls dropping through floor worse since May 25 patch

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug

So played quite a few hours since the patch, then i died… and once i died my thralls fell through the floor.
i have lost dancers, archers, & a named fighter…

strange thing is, i can hear them - but not close enough to get the buff from the dancers…

multiple log offs, even client close and reopen - they are still not visible.

nothing in game event log.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I am losing more than I can replace. They drop into the foundations. I can hear them stepping about down there, but I cannot interact with them (short of tearing up the foundations).

I can’t say what causes it in all cases, but I have noticed that it occurs when I destroy a building part nearby - not the part they are standing on - but within 3 or 4 spaces of where they are standing.

I have had it happen in other cases where there was no obvious trigger also.

It takes a while to catch, train and outfit thralls. Basically, losing 4 or 5 is a whole day’s playing lost - so this is a big problem. I lost 5 today. So that is really frustrating.

I checked and relogging does not bring them back.

yeah that sucks!

interesting theory you have… as i destroyed a wall on the floor above where the thralls i lost are… was so busy didnt notice them gone at the time… wonder if thats what trigged it??

I have the same experience. Every time I destroy a building part, my thralls droping through the ceilings.
But it’s not only, if the part is close to the position of the thrall, also if it is more than 8 blocks in away. It just has to be connected to the part, where the thrall is.

– Mike –

Just lost another 4. This is so frustrating. Only way to recover them is to destroy the foundations. Such a waste of time.

Another 5! This is ridiculous.

It’s still happening as of today. Seems t3 ceiling tiles don’t hold them up.

I upgraded my Yog temple and all the nearby thralls have gone through the floor. So, still occurring as of today.

Yes i also missing my danser, and cant even find hear by geting the buff…

Also got that problem, and it doesn’t only happen on foundations/ceilings, but also normal ground. Lost a thrall that way and the event log said he got killed, but without a source for his death. I assume he fell through the floor and under the world. Any one else experienced this too?

It having to do with destroying building parts near a thrall is an interesting theory though. I rebuild some parts of my base today and needed to move my thralls afterwards because they moved into the foundations…might indeed be connected. At least their heads still stuck this time out so I didn’t need to destroy anything else xD

I knocked out a thrall yesterday and it sunk into the ground and disappeared forever. This game was far from ready for release. I think Funcom should expect a big flop on their planned DLC if they haven’t fixed the bugs by then. Anyone remember the player drop after they gave us pillows instead of a wall glitch exploit fix?

Thralls falling through floors/ceilings or foundations happen mostly when you upgrade or change something at your building. If you destroy a wall to replace, or whatever.

Often i can hear them falling, yawning if near enough.
I made some change to my entrance last day, and had still the same thrall falling from his ceiling while doing that.
There seems be a building instability in the game at the moment, let’s hope a next patch will fix that.

That could really be it, I have worked on my base all day and it’s connected with foundations all over. My thralls keep dropping through floors and foundations all the time. -.- Worst thing is I can’t reach them most of the time without destroying the foundations…

Although it seems to be connected to building parts being bugged… When my character is flying over foundations and ceilings, half falling through stairs… on whatever tile that happens the thralls also have dropped through the bugged piece.

Something with building and/or loading already build stuff is thoroughly broken at the moment. :confused:

same here got named fighters with legion gear and leg weapons sitting in my foundations annoying as hell