Missing Thralls in base

I am missing some of my thralls inside my base as of the patch yesterday. I checked the log, they didn’t die.

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I have seen a few reports of thralls having sunk into foundation pieces/floors. I’ve reported it myself, in a thread about another anomaly.

Here’s the latest post from @Cattibria

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Yes they may sink in foundations, sometimes even in outside game structures, like bridges and so.
But still check also an other possibility, if thralls was on follow, or still in scouting stage, they may have gone home. This means at his last home position set.
I remember, i searched some thralls so, then i found them at the old place.

But yes, sinking in foundations may be the issue here.

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That a sinker.

ok, will do @Vattende and @zerog. thanks for the sugestions

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