Thralls sinking into floors

Thanks for the testlive report. Could you elaborate further with some additional information? Things like if it’s single player, or server, if any mods are used, how you found the thrall like this, can you get the bug to repeat itself via specific steps, just this thrall or all thralls, etc.

Just add as much info as you can.

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PvP testlive server US1, no mods, any thrall ordered to follow. Same glitch has been on live servers for some time now, including thralls ordered to guard sinking into foundations and ceilings causing them to become inaccessible unless building piece is destroyed

Suspect it’s related to the issue of corpses sinking into the terrain as well, both player and npc corpses.

Also, this glitch is commonplace and easy to reproduce

As you can see on this picture, thralls or players still sink in floor in between 2 elements.

I saw this several times now on testlive, it’s happen randomly and it’s not really game-breaking, but kind of disturbing.
It’s like they would slide between the 2 ceilings or foundations. Like there was a gap.

Ah yes, and you can see it on servers especially. So maybe related to the floating over ceiling/foundation issue on testlive-build. There is no difference between wedges or squares, while wedges still remain more tricky.

Not only thralls. I’m also falling into floors

If so, it may have introducted or re-introducted with one of the last patches.

I saw it especially in testlive where it happened from time to time to me. So yes, also chars, not only thralls of course.
For my proper experience, it’s looks it’s happening more while standing on the junction of 2 elements. T1 to T3 seems make no difference.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue, both on live and Testlive, and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Guessing this explains why I keep finding missing thralls… :thinking:


Also affects player models as well; This was the scene when I logged in to Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP this morning. Rev #123598/20538

Yes, have also a place in my base so, this on my privat testlive server.

It’s just a special room acting like this, and one of my thralls i have there, and my char will sink randomly in floor after a relog, or server restart.
I imagine it’s how some blocks have been registered in DB when they was built. Because all the rest of my base, and it’s a big black-ice base near the mounds, has no issues like this. It’s just still some blocks in a particular room. I will replace them i think, but just to mention here.

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Please guys, find a way to fix this :frowning: Yesterday alone I had to destroy foundations to find 3 of my greater pets. I am still missing at least 2 more. Not dead as they appear on the feeding pot but nowhere to be found. The bodies of the killed NPC thralls keep disappearing as well.

This is on official PVE-C.

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