NPCs fall through foundations and ceilings

Game mode: [ Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ Europe ]
Mods?: [ Yes ]

Bug Description:

“Houston, we have a problem!”

The problems are old, they already existed - after the update on May 27, the NPC-thralls again began to fall through the foundations and ceilings. I find these “disappearances” after the next download of the game or after returning to any of my settlements. Sometimes the thralls can be found inside the foundations or rocks under them in the “ghost” mode, sometimes they disappear altogether - obviously, they fall through all the textures.

I hoped there might be one big patch that won’t break anything - but hoped in vain. Let’s do something about this problem, gentlemen destroyers :laughing: .

In addition, the NPC developed a nasty habit of leaving those points on which they were placed or turning in place (this is not caused by a reaction to any enemies - they cannot appear there). It’s pretty annoying when you lined up an even line of guards along the wall, and one of them constantly breaks down :tired_face: .

I’m playing on an old map, in the Lands of the Exiles.

Installed Mods:

Pickup+, Fashionist, Savage Steel I, Savage Steel II

Steps to Reproduce:

Place the NPC on top of a foundation block wall or on the roof of a building. Reload the game or move somewhere from this location and come back. Perhaps your NPC will fall down through the foundation or ceiling.
Perhaps you will find it in a different position than you put it in.


mine dissapear entirely.

Turned around for 2 minutes to mess with another thralls equipment and my “building assistant” bearer III that carries all my stuff while I build (ONLY while I build, I learned my lesson after losing Tarman, twice)

Literally looked away for maybe 3 or 4 minutes and she is gone. all my building mats, everything… easily 4 hours of straight grinding just fell through the ground.

the moving on their own is a pita too. I think the falling through floors thing is a stability issue in construction, like they are a building piece and it cannot support them, I have certain spots Ill leave my thralls when I go offline or just leave them somewhere. yet some just continually dissapear.

Today I found my Komodo’s head poking out of the rocks… lol

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