PLEASE fix falling inside foundations

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For the love of Yog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this problem with falling through floors and foundations. I’m onto my 3rd set of armour since yesterday because I get stuck inside foundations. I log out on my top floor, log in and fall to my death. Then I spawn at Broken Highway instead of my bed (I thought I read this bug was fixed). Next time I log out on my ground floor, log in again and I’m stuck in foundations (with my dancer and probably the 4 defenders that went missing… maybe that’s where my missing blacksmith station went too!). Remove my bracelet because I don’t fancy destroying my house to get out… spawn on the ground underneath my bed.

Can someone tell me where I should log out because it seems nowhere in my base is safe. Should I build a 3x3 shack with a foundation left out of the middle so I can log out on bare ground? Probably not purge-safe but maybe the risk of being purged is less than the risk of losing stuff because the patch broke the game.

I don’t understand how problems as big as this can get into the live game. This is not a minor bug… people have lost all their gear (multiple times)… their workstations full of resources… chests… thralls… And why release this right before everyone’s going on holiday? Mental.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run the patch
  2. Discover buildings are no longer solid objects
  3. Beg someone for help
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This happens to me too. If I log off on a foundation, I spawn inside a foundation on next log in.
If I log out on a ceiling, I spawn under it on log on.
I can see one of my clan mates has somehow managed to log off under his bed.
I suspect the other clan mates, currently on holidays, has vanished into the foundations they logged off on.
Two other players with similar problems, one logged on inside a foundation, other inside a furnace.