Character stuck inside foundation on login

Game mode: [Online - PC live]
Problem: | Bug | ]
Region: [Oceania - Private server]

[Logging off with my character on her bed. When I log in she has fallen through two floors and is lodged inside a foundation, I have to remove the bracelet and respawn to get out. This happening since latest patch]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.load game

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Same here, Official serve, game is actualy unplayable, we need that fix as soon as possible.

1516 offical server, the same issue is happening. In addition to all of my dancers and “warrior” thralls also falling to foundations on login… please fix…

So I have logged out with my character in a different part of my base. Upon logging back in my character is half stuck inside a foundation on the floor below where I logged off… and inside my maproom