Thrall disappeared under ground

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I left my thrall in scouting mode on my base on 2021.07.11 at about 7:00 GMT. Then I went offline. When I logged back in game in around 10 hours, my thrall has gone under ground. He hasn’t returned to his guarding point even after server restart. When I bring hostile hyena to his guarding point, I see that my thrall’s health bar is moving under ground. There is no way for me to reach my thrall. I can use rescue option, but I’ll lose his gear in this case.

  1. It should be noted that not only Z coordinate (height) of the thrall has changed, when he disappeared under ground, but also his X and Y coordinates have changed moving him several meters away from his original guarding point. And even after server restart X and Y coordinates are not equal to that of original guarding point.
  2. I also noted that hostile animals around my base can sometimes get stuck under ground under my base and can’t return to their spawn points until server restart. In this case thralls guarding the base may agro on them and run above them trying to reach them.
  3. Perhaps some player with hostile animals on their back passed by my base while I was absent. Then those animals got stuck under my base. And then thrall guarding the base managed to penetrate through the ground trying to reach the enemy. And then he got stuck there too.

Expected Behavior:

The thrall should stand at his guarding point above the ground or player built structures and should be reachable by player.

Steps to Reproduce:

I doubt it can be easily reproduced. But you can probably investigate server logs, find out where the thrall is, why he is there and why he doesn’t return up to the ground or player built structures. It can improve other players experience. The server is “official #6057”. The thrall is “Accursed Berserker”. There is a video and some srceens below:

Yeah, this is a common bug in my experience. If you put them in scouting, (ie tell them to stop following) they should eventually decide to go home

If you gave them the stand guard command from what I’ve been able to tell they will stay there indefinitely unless you can manage to lure them out using a trick like you tried with the hyena, I’ve seen some people report success at getting them out that way

If you were in a private server the admin could probably get them out for you, but i don’t think official servers get that kind of support unfortunately. In single player I used the admin panel to ghost through the floor and get them, butte course that won’t work in this situation

If they had fairly easy to get gear and they have been gone awhile I’d recommend rescuing, but if it’s really good equipment I’d probably try to bring more enemies to try to lure them out

Sorry I don’t have a more solid solution

Look his items bar-beginners scrap.You think thrall have top equipment?

Hey @Vivi

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve minimized the instances where this issue can happen in patch 2.4.4, but it seems there’s still situations where this occurs. We’ve sent this report to our team to see if we can find the cause for the remaining issues.

Game mode: [Single-Player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [ Brazil ]
Mods?: [ No ]
Edition: [ Steam ]

Bug Description:

Whenever I go out my base for long periods of time, as soom as I come back great part of my thralls and pets desapeard. I actually notice They’re under ground and the single way I found to rescue them without lose gear and stuff is activating Ghost Mode on Admin’s Painel.

Expected Behavior:

I understand sometimes companions move themselves to protect the area and stuff, but I expect them to stay in a rechable place over the floor.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have more then 20 companions
  2. Put them in guard around you base
  3. Go somewhere else for like 1 hour or two
  4. Then come back base

One problem is the thrall/pet moves or is moved. This happens too much.

This is particularly bad for horses and when they or a thrall are near cliff edges or they’re close to a layer below the Scout/Guard point. I’ve had my “Guarding” thralls disappear inside the nearby cliffs znd below the top layer. Also, when I return from whatever, my horse has almost always moved and breaks wind to return to it’s position.

You don’t have to move far or be gone for long. I’ve had to Ghost to find and recover “Guarding” thralls/pets. SMH FunCom.

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