LOSING THRALLS UNDERGROUND NOW?! Video and Pic of your latest game breaking bug

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: USA
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

Thralls disappear underground.
I had a small camp just outside of, The Silkwood.
I had two thralls, I rode west from the jungle to the desert.
When I came back, my 2nd thrall had disappeared.
I saw them on the map, but could not find them anywhere, even up in the clouds (cheat).
The only way to get the second thrall back was to rescue them.

I moved to the beach north east of Flotsom, had more thralls, most went underground! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Expected Behavior:

Nothing fixes this, restarting game, console, clearing console cache.

Steps to Reproduce:

I teleported (cheat) anywhere away from camp, upon return existing thralls, underground.
Spawned new thralls, teleported, upon return, one was underground.
I did always seem to be left with one or two.
You can see from this video, beyond frustrating, stopped playing.

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secret of siptah. underground is where the booze & heroine orgies are held. the thralls got the memo.

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Use ghost mode in admin, go under the map at their last known location and then move them manually.

@Fubar236, that was a good one. :slight_smile:

@Lucidique, Thank you! I’ve never used Ghost before. Found them!

Funcom, is this on your fix it list or wot because I don’t play CE just to rescue my thralls all freakin’ day?!

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Does Funcom have a ticketing page for consoles where we can submit issues or is it just PC?

You’re welcome :grin:

Best bet to prevent your pets / thralls vanishing under the map is to place them on foundations or ceiling pieces.

I started putting foundation under the thrall and pets. I had to use the rescue feature to get them back losing all gear.

You loose them after they guard on foundations?!
I’m putting down Paved Stone Walkways, I’m hoping they stay above the map.
Not that I should have to!
I’ll test tomorrow but I’ve recorded a good handful of additional issues, videos and pics.
Why bother if FC isn’t going to ack it. Maybe I’ll post just to shame. :slight_smile:

Again, is there an official ticketing system for console issues??
I’m a hair away from dropping CE to play Ark Genesis part 2, and ARK is def more stable where it will totally suck me in.
Funcom is just as bad or worse then WC.
No mention from mod, no ticketing system for console, I’m soooo close to done.

So, I put this in the XB bugs thread, nothing from mods? :frowning_face:
Is there a point to this forum other than venting?

I put pavement down to prevent thralls from falling thru the map, now some of them float… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your sabretooth has mastered zen.

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Hey @KmKn, thank you for the detailed report, the issue has been registered and our team will look into it as soon as possible.

Could you confirm if you had any thralls following you sinking into the mesh, or did it only happen to the thralls that were set to guard over the terrain mesh after you returned to their location?

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This is also happening with horses and animal pets on Official. I had to rescue my horse from deep under the ground and put up with losing all the stone and his saddle I had on him.

This happened to me on ps5. Had to rescue both my thralls. Lost good gear. Now before i log i give them crappy gear so I dont lose hard esrned stuff

The slaves sink under the ground after dying and when starting the game those who were on the ground also disappeared, now I have them all on structures. They can be retrieved in Phantom Admin mod at very deep levels.

Hi, it only happens to thralls set to guard over the ‘terrain mesh’ after I return to their location or boot up the game.
Does not happen when thralls are following me.

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Thank you for the confirmation, we’ve updated the issue ticket with these details.

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Hugo, I had a thrall following me in my base, fell through the map and died instantly. He was lv 20 with 10k hp, nothing near my base could have killed him. This was highly discouraging. Please look into this issue, the thrall / pet pathing is in a pretty poor state, getting stuck on nothing, traveling halfway across the map and thrall won’t follow, falling through mesh, not good right now.

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