Thralls disappearing into the structures and underground

Game mode: singleplayer
Game type: PVE
Build: testlive branch 2.6b

Several thralls are disappearing inside building pieces, it seens far more frequent than I remmember.
In particular it seens archers placed over walls and even on the ground near walls end up inside foundations and half buried in the ground.


Ah, damn - so it’s still happening then. I haven’t had it happen yet on testlive, so was hoping it was fixed, but I don’t have that many followers right now, so they just might not be doing it right now.


I was playing mostly without using console, since this is my “main” save from some years ago, but I had to use ghost mode to find my fallen thralls, even got a picture of some of then.
As a side effect I realized my base is directly upon the big spider cave Waver’ Hollow, which also explains why a Demon Spider was roaming the desert when a Jhebbal Sag followers purge got announced.


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