Thralls keep dissapearing or falling through the ground

**Game mode: Single-player | Co-op
**Type of issue: | Bug
Server type: PvE
Mods?:None, Vanilla
Version: Steam

Bug Description:

Thralls keep dissapearing and its getting really costly. I have tried putting them on the ground, on floors, on foundations on ceilings, on stages. It’s not all of them but it’s seems pretty random. Today one thrall pet wandered into a wall while my back was turned…

This is primarily happening in the Shattered Basin region, on both sides and only certain thralls. I really felt I was safe this time, put the thrall in a spot, with ALL of my building supplies (t3 bearer) so I can move another thrall, no sooner than I turn around she is gone.

This was funny when the wolf kept dissapearing. it was funny when I kept finding thralls 20 feet from where I told them to stand. It was even kinda funny when Tarman just up and vanished. But when I lost like 8 hours of materials, not so much fun.

Me and the gf so far have enjoyed the game but somewhere between random crashes at the ABSOLUTE worst times, missing materials, dissapearing thralls and equipment, it’s going downhill fast.

also why isn’t there an admin function to teleport to or from thralls? if we can rescue them, and they show on the map, why can’t we teleport to them, or get their coordinates to teleport to them? that makes no sense.

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Yeah the thralls disappearing is getting a bit much. As for the teleport feature you can on single player. Grant yourself admin rights in the server settings than on the map page just put your marker where you want to go and select admin teleport.

Teleporting to them would lead to some exploit and abuse in multiplayer mod, like many other things.

What you can do if the thrall is still in the follower list, is set you as admin, ghost under the mesh (thralls can wander far down over time, so look down), join your thrall, set him on follow, and go up. Best way not losing your stuff and hard earned ressources.

I know this happen still again, especially in SP mod, i’m not used to co-op, so i can’t say.

Other solution would be mods, some mods are allowing you to set home to your thrall, then give the command to go back home.

Happening a little too much with me, but if it was the case just go to the followers and rescue i wouldn’t mind.

But i’m loosing thralls just standing on the base.
Thralls lvl 20 just vanishing from the followers list and from the game, without base attacks or whatever the reason that would probably cause this…

i’m sorry vattende, but we should have a solution provided for this problem… what is the point ot keep training thrall, farming for their gear and lost them… ? that take a lot of time… without talking that this is also a defensive problem on pvp server to have defence falling into ground…

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This post was tagged “singleplayer / co-op”, and like i played and especially tested lot in SP, also the new Siptah map, this is the easiest workaround i can give.

Sure, it’s not a solution. But if you take the time to make some research on this forum, you will come acrross my different post i made about this particular subject.
The only place where i didn’t have vanishing thralls at all, and even this, who knows if it can’t happen, are placing them on treeplateformes. But sure, we want not park all our thralls on trees, that’s a fact.

I know that the devs are still spotting this isssue. But it’s a tricky one, and hard to reproduce at a given moment, it happens still the wrong moment like you know. :wink:

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yup I know vattendee, and workaround your kindly provided should work for sp, but problem is also here and same for multiplayer and official server, so well 2 months after its now time to funcom to provide a solution :wink: even if temp solution, time they find the origin of bug and really solve it., but actual state is really a problem for players, why we need a solution, even if temp.


I can confirm you can place your thralls under foundation pieces on Exile Land official servers. Pretty annoying.