Thralls falling thru the mesh

Server: Single Player
Client: Steam
PC Windows 10
I was playing single player and was replacing some of my stuff that disappeared due to the Nemedian foundation instability bug. I admin teleported to the location of the base using those foundations then teleported back to my main base and found that every single one of my thralls that were standing on the ground had fallen thru the mesh. All of them. Now I can’t say for certain the teleport was what caused it but I have no idea what else it could have been.

Edit: Well apparently it’s not just admin teleport. I used the transporter and had the same result. All thralls had fallen thru the mesh when I returned. I was still in admin mode tho. I’ll relog and try it with admin mode off and see if htere’s a difference.

Edit 2: Okay, I did it with admin mode off and while the whole bunch didn’t fall beneath the mesh, one did. It’s not the first time I’ve had thralls fall beneath the mesh but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in mass. It only seems to happen at my main base just a short distance south of Carrowmore so I don’t have any clue as to why it’s happening.

On a side note. My sympathies to those who lost a bunch of stuff due to the instability issue with Nemedian builds. I lost some stuff myself but thankfully it wasn’t too bad for me.

It happened again, this time no admin mode. I simply used the transport stone to a base in the south, stayed a short while and when I returned every single thrall that was standing on ground had fallen thru the mesh. It only happens at that one base location that is south of Carrowmore right before the ground turns to snow on a small rise. It does not happen to pets, golems, nor undead…only human thralls. I have to go into admin mode and ghost mode then go under the mesh to retrieve them. They are usually quite a distance down below the ground.

Edit: I think this may have something to do with the “return home” feature. Anytime they get pulled out of place by a purge or creatures that sometimes spawn nearby the return home feature kicks in and I’m thinking this is when they go below the mesh. Why they think “home” is hundreds of feet below the ground beats me but apparently they do.

They’ve been doing it enmasse lately because I’ve been simply pulling them in the approximate place they’re supposed to be guarding and telling them to stop following. For the time being I’ll try to be careful to manually place them on guard again anytime they move. That won’t stop it entirely but they shouldn’t do it enmasse again unless they all get pulled.

Walk out of render range and back. This is a legacy bug and since there is an easy work around it wont be getting fixed; or at least I have no reason to believe it ever will.

This is common all over the map in most peoples game. Public, private servers, or single player.

Leaving render range does nothing. As for it being a legacy bug I’m not so sure about that either. I didn’t start having these problems until AoS. Prior to that I never had an issue.

Sounds like the same thing as i had years ago…i had to check the map to see where my followers were…go into admin mode…fly…then go way down under the mesh to get them…when you find them put them on follow then teleport back up or they will fall farther down…yes i had to do this nonsense almost every time i logged on…and they are WAY down,just when your ready to give up…go farther…lol

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