Thralls fall through the ground

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Co-op
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: Mod Control Panel, Less Building Placement Restrictions

Bug Description:

Thralls fall through the world very consistently when you aren’t looking in their direction - I imagine falling through the world as the ground mesh is unloaded. Super common issue that has been around for years, and seemingly no fix in sight for such a impactful bug.

Bug Reproduction:

Go knock out a thrall, leave it on the ground - run just out of sight, come back and it’ll likely be just gone.

Happens when you leave the rendering area in single player and come back. area is rendered new and also respawned/despawned. This is no bug. Just game limits for single player.

Hello @ Vallith welcome to the Conan Exiles forums.
Indeed this problem is known to Funcom, it was fixed but from time to time it reappears.

@Talyna, I’m sorry to contradict you, but this happens on both official and private servers too.

Sometimes it is enough simply to leave the area and come back a few minutes later to find the NPC stunned at the place where he disappeared.

Have a good day everyone.

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It can happen by simply turning your back to defend yourself, at least on ps5.:smile:
The moment you ko the npc, bind it immediately and bolt (or it may be accidentally killed).

I know about the “invisibility” bug. But I thought @Vallith problem is a different one.
And I fear, both problems aren’t fixable and there is no workaround in single player.

No this s a legacy bug for everyone. Been going on since, well game drop.


Same with PC.

The work around is to go out of render range and come back. And why it will never get fixed. Why fix something there is an easy work around for.

Been my experience in most games, when players find a work around for a bug it falls off the priority list.

I wish. Most times, it’s gone for good…

Must be a console thing, on PC they pretty well come back, in fact I have seen them drop as I came back in to render range; which is hilarious considering Conan odd soft body physics.

I was told that. I always try it with mixed results, @DeaconElie .

I quite often wake up to my pets neck deep in the foundation they were previously sitting on lol, looks like some kind of X-Man came along and mind-melded him right into the stone. Wish that was an available spell we could cast…

Knocked out thralls don’t actually despawn even if the area re-renders and respawns in Single-Player. I’ve had multiple cases where I’ve KO’ed several NPCs, dragged one home and came back for the next one. The camp has been repopulated, but the KO’ed guys are still sleeping there. (Unless something has changed in recent months.)

Knocked out NPCs can, and often do, actually disappear as soon as you look elsewhere. They pop up back again once you leave a short distance away - not far enough to reload the area, just far enough so as not to see them anymore.

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OK, that’s new for me. Have to admit, it’s been a long time, since I played my last single player game in CE.

And I use this to my advantage too. Knock out 2 thralls at the same time, bind one of them, run a lot of meters, release it, and go back to the other, so I can drag 2 of them with less than twice the time it would take normally.
The only problem is as the OP describet, they bury themselves underground, so I have to run out of range, and back (sometimes more than 3-4 times to see the slave again).
But nowadays (~1 year) slaves disappear IMMEDIATELY after you knock them out, so hold a rope in your left hand and grab them fools immediately as @MarcosC said.

I knocked out sepermeru on a private server once. Just ran back and fourth picking out the thralls I wanted for friends.

20+ of gas spheres.

Sometimes when you leave render range and come back, the knocked out thrall may not be visible but it’s actually still there. If you know the exact location where it was, you can go there and aim at the spot, activate your bindings, press the button to capture them and it will suddenly appear.

The above doesn’t work if you just turn around and it’s gone - you have to leave render range and come back. This workaround helped me a lot on SP PC, hope it works for you too.

I know the trick.:wink:
Sometimes it works, most it doesn’t. Thanks though!

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