Knocked out thralls falling through ground

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: every server
Mods: NONE

Bug Description:

Knocked out thralls falling through ground

Bug Reproduction:

Whenever I knock out a thrall they fall through the ground and I cannot bind them… Only way to fix this is to run far away and then come back to the area… Please fix your game


I have a similar problem playing offline, after the thralls fall to the ground after a few seconds they disappear so I have to tie them up immediately and take them to the wheel.

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Same as above. Does not happen every time. Other planers can see the unconcious mob normally. If they attach a rope, then I can see it. Otherwise,
run away, run back is required

I report some time ago same on single player, but was told that is unrepairable becasue its feature of single player.

This is a new thing for me, years ago it never happened to me.

100% agree, this should be fixed.

Since it has been an issue for 3+ years, I doubt it will be.

These persistent and, often, reintroduced bugs are unforgivable in a mature product.

But, hey, at least I can set up a bar in Age of War and . . . . maybe hire a T3 follower that I could get anyplace on the map.


As mentioned, this has been a problem for years. Here is the workaround. Once the thrall falls through the ground log off and log back in. The thrall will be laying where they were supposed to.

Thralls disappearing and falling through the ground has literally been a thing since 2017…

Currently there is a chance if you leave the grid you are on they will reappear when you reenter the grid. Sometimes you may only need to leave the render distance.

I often run a grid over and they will respawn… (of course so will the mobs in single player)

However… If fun come hasn’t fixed it in 6 years they aren’t going to even try.

This screen shot is literally May of 2018.

I assume I’m now having this problem if a thrall dies. When I run back to recover tgeir gear they are simply gone. Has happened at leadt twice and running out of render dostance and back did not help. I’ll have to try logging off next time.

It’s much faster and safer to simply relog.

Do you mean exit to the main menu?

This bug has been around since I’ve been playing , so over two years.
It happens both when you knock someone out and when you kill someone.
There are two solutions - if you remember exactly where he fell, you can get lucky and find him even if you can’t see him.
Or, and this is more common, you have to run a sector away - out of rendering distance and then come back, then he’s usually normally visible.

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Longer than that, sadly. :roll_eyes:

Yes. log off whatever server you are on (or single player) to main menu and log back in. The thrall will be on the ground where they were supposed to be.

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