Unconscious thralls fall under the map

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Family of Friends
Mods: 2898150544, 2874346399, 2875171748, 1797359985

Bug Description:

Unconscious thralls have a chance to fall under the map if you are pulling them with bindings and you start to climbing.

Bug Reproduction:

Attach a thrall to you with bindings and start climbing.

Confirmed on my side as well.

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It happens to me too, sometimes you stun a slave and the moment you have to tie him up to drag him to the wheel he disappears underground, however, there is always a catch, if you go far enough and return to the place where the slave is stunned he reappears on the ground where he was stunned.
This is the hide-and-seek bug.

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Climbing will cancel the tether to the knocked out thrall. They shouldn’t fall under the map though. That part is a bug.

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The main thing is not to lose sight of the knocked out slave. If you turn away even for a second, he may disappear. Even if you look at a knocked out person for a while, you may notice how he begins to flicker - then part of him will hide underground, then appear again.

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This has been a bug since forever. The client and server aren’t quite in sync, and the client thinks the thrall has fallen through the ground. If you leave the area so that you’re outside of rendering range, and then return, the area is reloaded and it fixes it. It’s just that you have to move pretty far to do that.
It’d be great if they could resolve the issue, or at least create a keyboard command that tells the client to reload the area.

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I can say this has happened forever, it happened before I took break a year ago and happened last night , run out of render distance run back they are normally right where they should be .

Sitting well at the table

Even when you don’t have a board

Every day I fix them because I am obsessive compulsive and every day at the server reboot I am so …
That sucks!

Happened to me a few times on PS4/5 but the moment they are knocked unconscious they can fall through - and always usually T4 (of course).

Solution: Immediately log out and log back in, this has returned the thrall the to ground where they fell for me. Not sure if this will work all the time but worked recently when one fell through the floor in sinners refuge. Hopefully this will work when caused by climbing.

Confirmed on my side as well.

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